WWE 2K18


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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA

finally, wrestling has come BACK to Nintennnnndooo...
So this is basically Smackdown vs. Raw under a new name? I like that Yuke's is developing the game. They made Day of Reckoning 1 and 2 for GameCube.
i hope so. I'm 5 years behind. My last one was the pitiful wii '13 version. This is very good news and i hope the sports keep coming.
Update: so does anyone here have this game? (i know im the only wrestling fan.) I don't yet but I really want it. Im seeing on twitter and youtube that it's on its 3rd patch already and is nearly unplayable other than in one on one mode. It has a 25 GB download to start with, and all manner of bugs. Im so disappointed. Hopefully by the time im ready it will be ready for me
I would wait if i were you, for confirmation that the game is fixed. If you like wrestling the just watch it cause this game isnt enjoyable its broken. you can get a lot better games for the money. Then again i like wrestling I dont love it so i cant tell you, you wont like it, you may. My friend sold theirs the day after they bought it.
Sorry, but thats just my opinion.
@Sandy Stokes No apologies, that's why i asked. The last one i had was '13 for the wii. It was pretty terrible, but playable. Man this is hard to believe. Oh well. Thanks a lot though, i will look at other games.

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