Xbox 360 4GB system


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Dec 6, 2013
We had one of the Xbox 360 systems that was purchased 5 years ago and it had a 40 gb hard drive that could be removed. We never came close to using all the storage on it. Well it crapped the bed recently and just was not reading the discs half the time. Well most of the time. If we sat there and opened and closed the tray a few hundred times it would sometimes play. My 5 year old son loves to play the Xbox 360 and it got to the point that it just was not even worth trying to get a game to play. We have a HUGE collection of xbox 360 game so we did not want to buy a different game system like the ps3 even though we kind of wanted to get one along side our xbox. So for Christmas I wanted to my son a new xbox 360 but realized that the new ones did not have the removable hard drive so he would lose all of his games save points and progress on all of his xbox games. At first I tried to find a new xbox in the same version as the one we had and I wanted it to be brand new because with used you just don't know when it will crap the bed. I was unable to find a brand new old style xbox so I figured that I would just get him a new style xbox 360 and deal with having to start from scratch on all of the games. So they had different versions of the newer xbox they had them with 4 gb hard drive and up. The xbox that had 4gb hard drive was obviously the cheapest and where I have 4 kids I just could not afford to spend 300+ bucks on an xbox with a bigger harddrive. I assumed that if we only used the harddrive to save your progress in games that it should be big enough. Now I am not sure if that is true. First question I have is do you know if it is possible to some how transfer the saved progress for our games from the old xbox hard drive onto the new xbox. So is 4gb enough storage for only saving progress for games. Like we will not be downloading or using xbox live at all. How many different games progress do you think can be saved on the 4 gb hardrive? I figure if we make only 1 game profile on the xbox rather than a different profile for each person as well as only save game progress we should be fine but I don't actually know that for sure. Can you use any usb storage device with the xbox 360 to save things on or does it HAVE to be made for xbox? Sorry about all the babbling but I just thought for now just getting the new xbox 360 with 4 gb hard drive would work fine and least for now. We may end up getting more storage.
No, I think you can transfer saves to and from a flash drive.. but you have to save it to the xbox.

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