Xbox Controllers: Your jam or not your jam?


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Jan 29, 2014
I've never appreciated their controllers. It was something that kept me from the system for a long time. Something about the analog placement turned me completely off & pushed me toward the PS systems for a while. Did anyone else experience this or was the controller like the sword in the stone for you?
I didn't care for the Xbox controller either, personally still do not.

I grew up on Nintendo so the smaller slimmer controllers are more ideal to me, even though the N64 controllers were somewhat weird and bulky, just not as much compared to Xbox. I have always had a Nintendo, but when gaming options forced me to choose between PlayStation and Xbox, I chose PlayStation. The controller itself just seemed to have a better feel. It wasn't as heavy and it didn't feel like the controller was going to slip out of my hands.
As with any new controller it took a lot of time to switch over from the Playstation controllers. I agree that they are getting heavier, which makes for a tighter grip and hurting wrists when played for hours on end. I do like the controller though it is user friendly and relatively easy to learn. There are a lot of Xbox games out there so give it another go. :)
I love all controllers and I dislike any controller that jams. That said, any button that sticks or feels unresponsive I have a trick. Take some Qtips and hot water and dampen one end of a Qtip and slightly make circular motions around the button sticking while clicking it down. The water will not damage your controller and the hotness will loosen up the button/clean dirt keeping it in "place" while repeatedly clicking it down. This has worked on any controller ever since the Regular NES and I swear by it. And I don't use the "Dukes" or Huge controllers for Xbox, I use the "S" controllers which are almost the same as a playstation/earlier controller (easy to hold).
I have always loved the Xbox controllers more than any of the other ones that I have used. The other day I tried out the PlayStation controller, the new one and just didn't like it. The controls on there are so different than I'm use to which is I'm sure why I didn't like them. I have basically been playing all my games on the Xbox, so then switching was hard. I think that once I got used to the controls that I might like the PlayStation one, but for right now I love the Xbox one.
I like both the PS and Xbox controllers, but I find Xbox buttons just jam/stick more than the PS counterparts.

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