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Sep 25, 2013
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Famous Trainers Partner with Xbox on New Fitness Service, Xbox Fitness

The Xbox team reached another milestone today with the introduction of “Xbox Fitness,” a new online service built exclusively for Xbox One that takes the world’s most popular fitness videos and makes them interactive. The extensive library of videos from the world’s biggest fitness brands including Beachbody’s P90X (Tony Horton) and Insanity (Shaun T), Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson and others, will be available for free with Xbox Live Gold memberships through December 2014.

Using precision Kinect technology, Xbox Fitness can read your heart rate without a monitor, see which muscles are most engaged by measuring the power, force and transfer of weight in your body, and track the quality of your performance by measuring your balance, tempo and form.

Insanity’S Shaun T says, “What makes Xbox Fitness so innovative is the feedback it gives you. The Kinect sensor can evaluate your form, tell how high you’re jumping, how hard you’re punching and even read your heart rate. It’s that little missing piece of validation that hasn’t been possible for home fitness products before. Xbox Fitness completes the puzzle.”

Xbox Fitness will deliver personalized program recommendations based on your workout history and past performance, highlight the most popular workouts among Xbox Fitness users, and offer a variety of workouts, from 10 to 60 minutes in length.

Xbox Fitness also helps you push yourself to work harder and stay motivated. Challenges are integrated into your workouts through Xbox Live, tracking your performance history and awards and delivering competitive social challenges. Take on your previous scores, challenge your friends to beat your performance and compare with the Xbox Fitness community.

Xbox Fitness will launch this holiday, just in time to get a jump-start on your New Year’s fitness resolution. With an Xbox Fitness Pass, included free with your Xbox Live Gold membership through December 2014, you’ll have unlimited access to the world’s best workouts, only on Xbox One.

For more information on Xbox Fitness, visit
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Yeah, this feels like a fitness person's dream. Having virtually every type of fitness brand all together, in one spot. I see this doing well.

You get a free Xbox Fitness Pass with your Xbox Live Gold Membership account, up until December 31, 2014. However, starting on January 1, 2015, You will have to pay for the Xbox Fitness Pass and Xbox Live Gold Membership separately. Not sure how much the Xbox Fitness Pass is going to be. But you'll get it free for the first year if you buy the Gold membership. After that, you'll have to pay separately. But really, it should just replace your gym membership. Again, I'm not sure how much the Xbox Fitness Pass is going to be when they start to sell it separately, but I imagine it'll be somewhere in the ballpark of an average gym membership. Just a guess tho. Either way, I see this being a popular thing.
They should bundle Xbox Fitness Pass with a real-life gym membership, now that would be a cross-promotion to reckon with.
Interesting, but... did you notice the living room? It's huge. Do you know why? Because the Kinect sucks at functioning in a normal sized living room. It really, really, really does. On top of that it isn't very good at precision like at all, but hey this is supposed to be a new Kinect that works great - even if some of the most recent reports aren't exactly heartening.
I was never fond of the Kinect, myself. In fact, I never use it. I hate using it, actually. The next Kinect is supposed to be better. But we'll see. For this Fitness thing, it better be a lot better. And yeah, some people I know have a big enough living for something like this, without moving anything around. While others have to move their coffee tables or recliner chairs, or couches, or whatever. That, for some, is a workout in and of itself.
The Kinect works alright for some things, but it's a factor of the companies and dev teams that really does it - unfortunately most of the teams that seem to care the most are targeted at younger demographics. That said supposedly the Kinect is going to be better, because everyone is being forced to purchase it thereby giving dev teams a reason to really invest in it. Whatever, I'm not getting the Xbone so it's all moot to me.
The fact that the Kinect is going to forced makes me think that it's going to end up like the other motion control games where that feature was just tacked on for the sake of being tacked on. The game wasn't made around the feature, which is what will make the feature good, and work better. Instead, it was treated more like an afterthought or something that was mandatory on their checklist that they just had to 'check off of the list'. However, just because the Kinect is going to be in more houses, doesn't mean that developers are going to make more and more games that make the feature. Some might, sure. And I think that the number of Kinect games will go up. Will they be good.. well, we'll see. Just depends on if they make the game with the feature fully in-mind, or if they just take in on for the sake of saying that they have the feature. Which a lot of companies seem to like to do with motion control games. But yeah, they seem to make it geared for either little kids, or just tacked on lazily.

But yeah, I have no plans on getting an Xbox One or Playstation 4. Maybe next year. But for now, no. There is nothing there on either system that is appealing to me that I can't already get (as well as would rather get..) on another system. Mainly, the Wii U and PC. I'll take a look at the XO and PS4 next Christmas, next year, and see if they interest me then. If not, then I'll either just wait longer, or won't bother at all. We'll see.
Oh sure - I'm waiting to pick up the PS4 once there is a good solid library for it. That said there are companies that bother to design the game around the system versus just shoving it in - Nintendo has done great with this in terms of their Wii/WiiU. That said there has been nearly the same amount of effort put in by other teams - particularly those done for Kinect and Move. The precision is loose and generally the gameplay is insipid at best. Oh well - at least the PS4 isn't squeezing me for an extra hundred it has assured me I don't actually need... Microsoft.
I'll stick with Wii Fit. This is a rip off of Nintendo.
Wow I didn't even know that they made something like that for the Xbox. I mean it doesn't surprise me though because there are so many companies that are trying to copy each other so that people will buy their products. I loved the Wii Fit, so I don't know if I would want to buy something like that. I'm sure that it is a good way to help lose weight and all that, but not something that I would want to buy.

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