Xbox One online required?


Aug 25, 2013
Hi all, I am interested in an xbox one simply for competitive fps split screen action, more specifically halo! It's the one thing that my wii u lacks, unless splatoon gets a 4 player mode.
So my query is, does the x1 still require to connect online once for a firmware update?
I've also noticed you cannot create offline profiles but that each profile needs to be an online xbox live account.
Can anyone let me know if this has changed in a recent update?
If you're talking about buying live for the Xbox one then yes I'm pretty sure that you still have to get it. That is why they are still selling it. With any Xbox that you get, you have to buy it. That's why so many more people are going over to the PlayStation. I would love to swtich, but I just bought a new console not too long ago.
That's pretty bad. They're forcing you to buy their service if you want to use the console. I'm with the Playstation guys. I'll probably never go back to Xbox if they keep going at this rate.
You don't need to have an internet connection to play the Xbox One, but you do need an internet connection if you want to take advantage of all of the features. Consoles now (yes even the PlayStation) require an internet connection in order to use most of their features.
You might still need to download the day one update from the internet, but I'm not sure. Other than that it's something you can use offline but it really doesn't like when you are offline. I imagine PlayStation is the same way though.

That's pretty bad. They're forcing you to buy their service if you want to use the console. I'm with the Playstation guys. I'll probably never go back to Xbox if they keep going at this rate.

To be honest all three have their pros and cons, even the PlayStation; and you don't have to buy Xbox Live to use it, you just need it to play online, the same as PlayStation.
I'm pretty sure that with the XBox One, you have to go set it to be offline if you want to use it without internet. A routine which amounts to basically standing on your head. No offense.

With PS4, I don't believe you have to do anything.
You can use Xbox One offline or not connected to the internet without setting it to be offline. There have been times where my internet has gone out and it still worked just fine I just couldn't use Xbox Live services like the market place or Netflix. I also couldn't use digital games but that's because I have homes haring enabled if you don't have that enabled then you won't have that problem.
I hate that they make you do that, I assume it's because they want that system to be registered online and it's not fair for the people who don't have internet connections.

For a console to require that, it's like buying a DVD player, but the manufacturer wants you to connect it to the internet before being able to use DVDs in it. That makes no sense.
As we all may know, Xbox One has a ton of features which can only be used if you have it connected to the internet, of course you can play offline, but if you want to browse on the internet or use the social media it comes with, then you really will have to be connected to the internet. Good luck.
I would say that these days you are going to want the internet connection. There are just so many features that are tied into it having a connection, that you would missing out on a lot. It is certainly possible, but I would think that missing out on that much would be a little disappointing. It all depends on what you need though.
No console technically requires a internet connection but many games do...Street Fighter make it so hard for me to like you.
@Segata The only bad thing about the connection requirement is that you need a membership to use it and play online, it definitely sucks, but you can live with it, indeed.

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