Xbox One price reduced to $300USD


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Apr 13, 2016
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I just have to wait for it to drop in Canada, then see if the switch to OneCore will eventually bring Steam games.
I heard this talked about on another forum, and the forum members determined that the price drop *may be temporary. Of course, they don't know for sure though.
If Microsoft launches a new Xbox One Slim at a lower price then the old stock may drop further until it runs out.
3 games is all I want on this thing but 1 of them is on PC and the 3rd likely will be. I just have no reason to get one.
Sadly, I'm in the same boat. Between the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One there's maybe 6 exclusive games I really would like to play (and three were original N64 games).

I never heard about Blinx before. Shame, as Xbox could've used a mascot to rival Mario and Sonic.
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Price drops are going to start coming in regularly. Consoles need to be as cheap as possible when VR drops, I have 2 close friends in the industry and you have NO IDEA how many games are in development for VR right now (specifically dozens that have been heard of, not including the ones that are as hush hush as possible to prevent competition). Everyone is keeping everythin a secret, these things have 2 year timelines and they want people on consoles ASAP. VR is going to be the king of this generation, first year or 2 they will be overpriced but by 2018 the VR scene will be a very, very different place.
It's about time the price of the next gen consoles started to come down, because lets be honest, they've been around for a while now so are now this gen rather than next gen.

I don't think that the Xbox ONE or the PlayStation 4 have lived up to people's expectations either, and while there are a lot of decent games out and coming out in the future, we the consumers are paying a huge price for that privilege and sooner or later that needs to be addressed.
I knew that was going to happen. They do it all the time, with these consoles, and especially with phones. I remember when the first iphone dropped $200 dollars in the first few months. It was weird that they did that and it was also the first time I knew a business would rip it's customers off.

You can buy it when it's released at a high value, then all of a sudden they can knock off $100 dollars like it ain't nothing. @pwarbi, I agree, both systems can't really be too advanced int he way you would've thought. They are still consoles that can only do so much, but I still enjoy them.
Prices are always going to drop, the older a device gets, but with some devices, no matter what price they are going for they will continue to sell, and I think with the Xbox ONE that was always going to be the case. Microsoft stirred up the excitement of the 'next generation' platform so I don't think that it was ever going to be anything other than successful right from the release date.

That level of success though I think they may have wanted to continue for a lot longer than it did, but they had already made enough money to be able to implement the prices drops even though they might have had to do that earlier than they would have originally wanted.
I personally think that the prices have dropped due to the upcoming release of the new Xbox ONE S, I do not really think that they were going to sell both consoles for the same price whatsoever, that was simply going to be really odd and nobody would have ever bought the ONE ever again, they had to do it because they really know what they're doing, that's my opinion though.
The older a console gets, and especially when the newer version comes out then it's always going to make sense for the companies to start selling the older versions at knock down prices. Not only will they still have warehouses full of stock that they will want to try and shift, the older console will have been out that log that the company will already have made the amount of money (if not more) that they aimed for, so any sale at whatever price from then on will be pure profit.

It's better for them to make as little as $10 on a console per sale, than have them all stuck on the shelves gathering dust.
I honestly do not have room for it. Even standing upright it would cover my poster on the wall. Not even joking. Price is fine but the console is too fucking big for me to even have a place for it. I would not mind having one for Rare Replay,Killer Instinct and Scalebound.
Rare Replay is the only one for me, Afterwards I'd rather buy a Playstation because it has more exclusives I want - but once I move to a place with better internet I can just play them all on my DVD player using PS Now.

I might pick up an old N64 and some cartridges, or see if I can finally get N64 games working on my wiibrew.
$260 is a great price. I still remember when I got my PS3 for $300 in 2013 (literally just a few months before the PS4 came out) so it's great to see consoles dropping in price so much faster.
I just took a look at Amazon and it's cheaper than $300. They're selling the Xbox ONE for around 250 - 270 bucks. It definitely is a good price compared to the PS4.

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