Xbox One S


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Apr 21, 2016
Well, its official.

- 40% Slimmer

- Power Brick Built in

- Streamlined Controller (What?)

- 4K Support

- High Dynamic Range

- $300

But don't buy it, they'll be releasing a new console next year. :p

New Nintendo console after 5 years, people flip, new Xbox One after 1 year, totally cool.


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It's my understanding that Scorpio will end up more like the New 3DS (not really a new console, just better hardware).

Not sure what streamlined controller for the slim means.
I think this is a cool idea, but is mostly just for people with a bunch of money that are willing to buy another one. Not necessarily intended for the common audience but a good way to make more sales while also getting the console out there a bit more. Also puts more 2ndhand consoles on the market!
I've been waiting for a slim down version for awhile now. I wonder how much a used original ONE goes for on EBAY? Cheaper parts, cheaper to make, hence the lower base price. I'm just waiting for the complaints to start rolling in about the heating issues.
So we got a date on it. The 2TB version is coming August 2nd, with others coming after.
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I was wondering, do you mean that the XBox One Slim is pointless Segata, or that the XBox One in general is pointless?

If you mean that the Slim is pointless, I agree with you, and here is why. The XBox One Elite is the better buy due to having a better controller and faster hard drive and already being released so you don't have to wait on it. It's also about the same price.

If you mean that the whole XBox One is pointless, I strongly disagree. Just because something gives you less of an Otaku fix, doesn't make it pointless.
The slim. They announced a better console in the same conference. Just so pointless. I could argue XBO is also but I won't get into that now.
It's not completely pointless, but it is confusing. I can get an older Xbox One for cheaper used or at clearance, but the One S has 4K playback support while the Scepter is "supposed" to be just for people who want to game in 4K.

I think the intention is that there is no benefit to either new console if you only have a 1080p TV, but I doubt that will be the case. I think end users will see that they are being pressured into buying a $900 console with little noticeable graphics improvements on their tv.
You don't even need an Xbox if you have Windows 10. That's what makes it pointless. Consoles are driven by exclusives you can only play on that consoles. The SNES and Genesis console war was not as close as it was because Final Fantasy VI was exclusive for 1 year before it went to Genesis. It was close because FFVI or Zelda or Mario or Phantasy Star or Sonic or Streets of Rage were 100% exclusive.
I'm on the fence about buying one. My Xbox One is a launch model so having a sleek white slim model (or that Gears of War Red) would be pretty cool.
Next year Microsoft is going to launch the XBox Scorpio. I'm sure that there are going to be a lot of people out there pulling their hair wondering if they should buy the VBox One S or wait for the Scorpio.
I have one. Aesthetically speaking, it's the most beautiful console I've ever seen.

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