Xenoblade 3D...couple of things that I'd like to know


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Jun 27, 2016
Ok....so I just got Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Kirby Planet Robobot as presents and I've decided to play Xenoblade first.

Right now I'm stuck in a cave where there's a level 10 enemy who keeps killing me and I'm around level 7.

Now while I know that the concept of grinding is to be expected here, I want to know how this game is played as I'm trying to understand its mechanic. So far, I'm just standing still and fighting enemies. I can run and dodge them while in combat mode?

and grinding....is it anywhere as tedious as the usual JRPGs out there?

I also want to know just how long it took you guys to beat the game's main campaign as I'm just aiming for that right now. Does the game get better or will it remain like this throughout?
wish i could help, but i had to drop in and say IM SO JEALOUS YOU GOT KIRBY ROBOBOT!
Xenoblade is NOT I REPEAT NOT a Action RPG. It is in fact turn based. Just a different version of it. You need to not just grind but keep your gear upgraded. You need to fill skill slots and level up your arts. Those arts have a cool down after you use it. Don't mash them. Enemies maybe weak to one thing and not another and you want chain attacks. I think a lot of people go in XB series rushing in and they are games you need to micromanage your heart out and take time. Monolith is poor about telling player show to play. Position is also important. Enemy might be weaker on one side or another. It's a complex series.
Oh you made the wrong choice here I am afraid. I am probably a little biased because Kirby is my man now that I have played Super Smash Brothers my whole life. I have not played this game, but just the name itself is enough for me to choose it over Xenoblade. That said, though, I was not the biggest Xenoblade fan though so that might be playing into it a little bit. Best of luck to you though, and thanks for sharing.
Xenoblade is gods among men. It was the right choice.

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