Xenoblade Chronicles


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Aug 5, 2013
Nintendo 64
Didn't see a topic for this, but I just started playing this game on the Wii since I didn't and don't want to shove the money out for a N3DS version of this game.

Anyone else play this game? I'm a good quarter of the way into it and been enjoying besides the early loss of a certain character at the start of the game (think Aerith of FF 7 loss).
no, but I've been looking at it hard. How fun is it? It looks awesome. And how does it play(turn based,etc)?
Have you ever played The Last Story? It pretty much plays like that as your characters auto attack and once a gauge fills up on your stronger attacks you can select them to use as you can freely move about like in FF 12.

Overall its pretty good, but so far not living up to the hype I've been hearing about this game. But I've only scratched the surface of this supposed 100 hour game so it make still give me a good story twist to draw me in more.
i got you. i tend to shy from the overhyped games. i put 160 hours into Bravely Default, which i thought was the best ever, now I'm playing Fantasy Life and i like it a little more. I have my eyes on Xeno or maybe Etrian next. That looks cool
I will say, this game has a loooooooooooooot of side quests to do, so much you could spend a week on them, many useless and some very helpful. I spent tonight doing a lot and jumped up 4 levels.

Overall so far I'm kind of liking it, character designs are good and the OST is awesome.