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Mar 25, 2016
Xenoblade X is the best game ever made. They seemed to improve upon Xenoblade Chronicles. The story feels like something I would write, if I was better at story writing. The original soundtrack is something I would buy a deluxe CD of, even if I never played Xenoblade X and it wasn't related. I said the game was a 8.5/10, but that was before I explored more and all of that. Contrary to popular belief, I don't feel this is the most graphical Wii U game, the best colors maybe, but the world is huge to make up for it. So taking into account the world, who knows, it might be the most graphical Wii U game. Still, graphics aren't the only factor here. I feel like this game takes the good elements from a bunch of different RPGs and combines them. My play time is limited because I share a TV with my mom, but I can't get this game off my mind even when I don't play. I feel like I'm in love with someone but instead of it being a person, it's a game. And it's a good kind of love, not just a repetitive addiction like the feeling of playing Minecraft is. No offense.

I tend to joke around and exaggerate in some topics because I get bored and want to spice things up. But I'm being serious now.

I also was so moved by this game, I got on Wikipedia and read the whole storyline ahead of time, and I don't feel this game will be spoiled. I want to see these things play out.

And I wasn't even a die-hard Xenoblade Chronicles 1 fan. I thought The Last Story was the better game.

Score: 12,000/10
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One day I will go deep into what me and my friend discovered how this actually is a sequel to the first but not only that the same planet and taking place a super long ass time after the first game.
It's a long story, but my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 1 got chewed on by a dog and I can't play it. Haven't tried it to make sure, but I don't want to stick a chewed on disc in my newish Wii U console. Anyway, I really don't remember much about Xenoblade Chroncles 1 to be honest. Just a general vibe. Anyway, my question is, once I complete Twilight Princess HD and Xenoblade X, should I focus on getting and playing Xenoblade Chronicles 1, or should I switch to something a bit more different, like Bayonetta 1 + 2?

I have played both games. But I'm thinking about replaying something.
Yeah. I was buying a new Solid State Drive for my Wii U to download it. I just wonder whether I should focus on that or Bayonetta. It's just hard to tell whether Xenoblade X will make me appreciate Chronicles 1 more or just make me look down on it.
12,000/10! good to know. i have decided after TPHD I'm so over this replaying remade games i done played twice already. This may be my next project.
The world in Xenoblade X is incredible and so vast. I completely agree with everything you said. The game is absolutely phenomenal. Everything come s together so well ( music,visuals,monster design,gameplay). My god the gameplay...grinding for hours so you can build yourself an infinite overdrive build is awesome! The world bosses as well are so fun to take down. Totally worth the $60 for the joy you get out of playing Xenoblade X.
Never played or tried the series, is it really that good? Like what are some of the selling points, what exactly is so great about this game, I'm not sure what you're getting at but I'm intrigued :D
First one is more story focused but the premise of being on 2 giant dead gods is pretty cool and a great story and characters. The music in 1 is done by a bunch of people but one of them is most known for Guiles theme. The world is large but fantastic and unique with the art style. One of the hardest but most rewarding things is rebuilding colony 6..so was kinda let down you can't do that to NLA in XCX.

XCX story is more fragmented but it keeps you guessing more and there is small details you have to look at over and over to piece more together. That's either fantastic or a downfall depending on who you ask. To me it's great. The world in XCX is much larger and even more unique. Swano's score is great to me minus the NLA track. Also the more you play XCX the more it rewards you. You eventually get a mech you can customize and eventually it can fly then mechs for the whole team.

XCX is much more focused on you exploring a mysterious alien planet. It's wonderfully crafted. It's one of the few open world games you can literally go anywhere. No invisible walls or planned barriers. Some mountains let you climb up them in a puzzle platforming way. I have over 700 hours in it and still not 100% the game. It's kinda endless. The story isn't as it's done in 12 chapters but can expand that in affinity missions. You don't have to spend as much time as I have but it would take a while. When the story is over you can reward yourself taking on level 99 tyrants is brave enough and it's not easy. The world is larger than Skyrim,Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 combines but it's also full of things to do. With Skells (the mechs) the world doubles in size due to how vertical it can get. They balance the size of the world with your movement. So your characters can run pretty fast and faster in XCX since the world is much larger. The Skells are also for balance they are bigger and move faster.

Prob not saying much because I can literally blab on forever about these. XCX is one of my fave games of all time and maybe the only Nintendo game on my list. Niether game on a technical level is the best looking but from a artistic point they are amazing and make up for it in a massive way. This is some of the same talent behind Chrono Trigger,Xenogears,Chrono Cross and XenoSaga,Baten Kaitos. I will say these are not games that hold your hand and you have to learn them yourself and they are complex but not that hard to learn. There is a reason Monolith is working on Zelda
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Well any review that starts out saying that it is the best game ever made is certainly not holding anything back. To be quite honest I have not heard all that much about this game, but I have to say that I am really intrigued now and I will definitely be looking more into it. I play a little of the Chronicles and I did like, but it sounds like this is even many steps above that. Thanks for sharing.

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