Yokai Watch Wibble Wobble

Discussion in 'Mobile Games' started by dustinb12, Aug 12, 2016.

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    well, besides Super Car Plane, I've finally found a phone game I'm interested in. As a fairly big Yokai guy, i had to at least try this out. It's basically the typical bubble popper, but it has the monster catching and level up rpg elements that go with the series. You have a team of 6 and they all have their Soultimate moves to use, so there is some strategy as well as lining up and popping bubbles(wib wobs). There are items to use just like the 3ds game.

    Its also one of those free to play timed games, where you only get so many plays in so much time. I spent about 30 minutes playing without running out so it wasn't bad at all.

    Pretty cool if you're a Yokai fan