Yoshi's Island Red Coins


Jun 19, 2013
Super NES
I have played through this game so many times, and yet...I'm always missing one red coin in 1-7, preventing me from earning 100 points all across the board. I have scavenged every other level and managed a perfect 100, but that 1-7 just gets me every time.

Does anyone else fondly remember this game? Did you have the same trouble in Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy?

Incidentally, while I played this game as a child, my original copy was lost in a house fire. When I finally replaced it, the price was FORTY DOLLARS. It is, to date, the most I have paid for a Nintendo game and it was totally worth it!
I love yoshi's island and have been replaying it recently! I just beat the world 2 ghost mansion. I'll have to go check world 1-7 for the red coin...
Red coins are a lot of fun when you're first going through the game because they they add an extra layer of challenge and slow you down just enough not to blow through all the levels in one sitting. But I find that often after you beat the game, it gets a little tedious getting all the coins, because it sort of becomes an achievement kind of thing. Often one particular coin is so hard to get that you end up trying it over and over until the fun wears out. So yeah, from then on I basically get the coins for fun. And I never got all the coins in Yoshi's Island. :)
You're right--it really does take the fun out of it after the twentieth time through a level looking for a single coin. I wish I could just turn off my obsessive nature and not freak out about these types of things, but...I just can't. I must find everything! I 100% understand your take on it (and I tremendously appreciate it), I just can't make myself not care about collecting stuff. Which is why I've been playing a lot of Valve games recently, actually; the simplicity inherent in their titles is a welcome refresher from a life of collect, collect, collect!

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