Your most anticipated 3DS game


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Sep 8, 2014
With heavily hyped titles like ORAS(Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire) and SSB4(Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/WiiU), there's so much to look forward to in the coming months.
Personally, I've been awaiting ORAS since FRLG came out. My hype increased after HGSS, and then more after BW, but when BW2 came out, I was heavily disappointed. The ORAS announcement revitalized my hopes, and now I can't wait to get my copy of Alpha Sapphire.

What game are you looking forward to most?
I've been addicted to the Smash Bros. Series ever since the first one came out in '99, so it's gotta be SSB4 for 3DS for me. I played the demo and it was a blast! Much more fun than Brawl IMO, but I think my favorite is still and always will be Melee.
I'm definitely thinking about Alpha Sapphire and Hyrule Warriors all day every day until I get em.
My most anticipated 3DS games are probably Omega Ruby and Squids Oddessy. As you can tell I love turn based and strategy games, and Squid's Odessy reminds me of Fire Emblem a lot. I play Ruby when I was a kid, and it has a lot of great memories associated with it.
To be completely honest, I am all against the idea of the "sequels" to the Pokemon games that Nintendo seem to be milking. True, the newer versions are going to have their own new features, but I wonder why they cannot just release a brand new storyline instead of rehashing their older ones.
until yesterday, it was Fantasy Life. Now i might have to say Majora's Mask 3d. i can't be a fan and not collect this moody gem
I would have to say Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U, while I already have the 3DS version since release date I want the Wii U version even more which means getting a Wii U and controllers. When I first seen the Mega Man trailer I was shocked, around that time I wasn't that interested in Smash as I am now but I still watched some videos occasionally or got Smash 64 on my laptop to play it, I then watched my first Smash Direct with the Little Mac reveal, holy crap was I so excited and hyped, nothing got me so hyped before in my life and that's when I said "I will buy this game no matter what." I couldn't wait, especially the last 2 weeks where very painful for me, I got the game and was ultimately satisfied, then I seen the 50-fact Extravaganza for the Wii U version, now I am very hyped for the Wii U version due to the amount of content etc. So this is definitely the most anticipated game so far for me, but Majora's Mask 3D is getting me very hyped as well...
I'm really looking forward to Majoras Mask 3D. It will be amazing in 3d, and with improved graphics. I know some people don't really like 3D, but I think Majora's Mask has a lot of great opportunities to utilize the 3D. I wish they remade it for the Wii U, since it was probably my favorite Zelda game. It had so much charm and great gameplay aspects, and I enjoyed the pressure of the clock. I'm buying it as soon as possible, since I'm looking forward to the facelift of one of my favorite games of all time.
I'm a Pokemon fan and have been since I can remember. I was excited for Pokemon ORAS and XY. Both of those are definitely amazing and a lot of fun. Although I've played SSB since the Nintendo 64 version, I am not excited for the SSB4 3DS version, but rather the Wii U. I've played on a friend's 3DS the SSB4 and it's not the same. It's pretty different in comparison to BRAWL negatively when playing on the 3DS. Plus, you can't move around easily. It's like you NEED that GameCube controller.
I think that the only game that I have really looked forward to for getting for the 3ds has to be Smash Brothers. This is one game series that I have been seriously addicted to for a very long time.
Pokemon alpha ruby and omega sapphire are the games I am looking forward to. It has been a while since we saw something new in the Pokemon series so I am really looking forward to these games.
Even though it's already come out, I'm super excited for ocarina of time 3D. I grew up watching my brothers play it, and it seems like a really core, amazing zelda came.

When black and white came out, then x and y, i thought more and more that nintendo should remake old games, not make new ones, and they did! Technology franchises tend to do what consumers want. its fun.
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I think my most anticipated 3DS title of all time would have to be The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

I have always been a fan of the Zelda series, and I have always enjoyed its many different game styles. The story lines are fantastic, and the graphics are usually magnificent.

The reason I looked forward to this Zelda title was because when I was young, I loved watching my older brother play the prequel, A Link To The Past. Rather than pre-ordering the game, I pre-ordered the limited edition 3DS bundle, which came with the Zelda 3DS system, and a digital copy of the game. To be completely honest, I would say that the game blew my away. I honestly think it is my favorite in the series.
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Now I don't even know if Nintendo is planning on porting the game for 3DS, but since they also gave us a 3DS release of Donkey Kong Country Returns I'm keeping my hopes up. I really want to play the game, since the predecessor was so amazing, but I don't really have the money to buy a Wii-u just for that one game. Waiting is probably my only option, but hey, Tropical Freeze is worth every minute of waiting from what I've seen.

The next fire emblem game. I loved Awakening and really was hoping there was more cause it took so much of my time after I got a 3ds.
Monster Hunter 4, it seemed like forever because I was able to get a copy. Its like everything I've been waiting for in a game that I can take with me anywhere. The gear grind is probably my favorite part. I kill a new creature and then have to get all its drops for my gear. And then a new weapon. The only think I don't like about it is the chat feature. You can only say a few words and it takes forever to type.

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