Your thoughs on the new PS4 versions?


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Aug 19, 2016
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We all may know that the new PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro were announced yesterday, however, people were expecting more from Sony. The new PS4 Pro doesn't really look too convicing for many players, what are your thoughts about them?
Honestly I have no clue. Having multiple versions with different capabilities reminds me of the demise of Sega consoles, but if games will work on both consoles guaranteed then it might be fine. But imo there's little reason to get a PS4 Pro if you have the original (and maybe same with Scorpio), leaving Nintendo with the only really new console. If they don't screw up again they might pull off a big win .
The PS4 Pro should be $350 instead of $400 considering it lacks. However, the PS4 Slim should be a good deal every time there is a sale.
It's a mess. New ones are ugly. Not changing my current PS4. Multiple sku's like this been done many times before for consoles and it often messed things up with consumers
I don't have a PS4 so if I decide to buy one it'll be a Pro. However that being said if I did already have one I wouldn't be that interested in the new models.
@GunGunW You have to take into account the fact you need a new generation TV in order to take full advantage of the PS4 Pro, believe me. It would be a waste to buy a PS4 pro when you certainly can buy a PS4 Slim, that's just my opinion though.
@Casiox I don't think that's entirely true. You could
A. get one in case you upgrade to a 4K TV later on
B. some games on PS4 only run at 900p, and I think that the PS4 pro would upscale those games to 1080p at the very least.
@GunGunW I personally think that I won't be buying a 4K TV any time soon, I don't really think I'll afford it since these are quite expensive in my country, also, I don't really care too much about the graphic changes, it feels the same for me.
I heard it only plays games at 30 fps


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