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Aug 5, 2013
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What color did your Wii come in? I believe the available colors were white, black, red and green. There was also a limited edition gold and some other special colors.

Or did you somehow have yours custom colored?
The first Wii that I got was white. I got one when it first came out for Christmas. Sadly, a couple years after that mine broke so then I had to go and get a new one. The one that I have now is black and red. It's nice, but it's not as good as the first Wii that I had. The first one I was able to play Guitar Hero and games like that against people. I can't do that with this new Wii now.
I have a white Wii. It's still working. I've had it for years too. I accidentally knocked it over one time when I threw the controller during a Wii Bowling match haha. It still held up well though after that trauma.
I have the original white Wii from when it first came out. I actually had no clue that you could get it in different colours, other than special themed consoles. I looked around on line, I'd love to have this one:

Yeah, both mine and my sister's are white. My friend has a white one as well, but his family has a black one.
My Wii is actually pink, I have seen white only before and no other colors. Pretty cool that there are other colors out there that I didn't know of before. I'd like to get another Wii, for when I go traveling and take it with me so I can play it when I'm bored or something. I know there are also stickers and cases that you can get for them to decorate and make them look pretty neat. I'd like to customize one of my own and then let it get viral so that others can enjoy what I've created.Wishful thinking though.
I've got the original white Wii. The black colored ones were available in my country about a year later. These do look a bit nicer but scratches are more apparent on the black surface. At least this is what I've noticed from all the Wii systems available at used stores. The white Wii can look mint after several years if one cleans it properly.

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