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Sep 5, 2014
My Pretty pink pocket
Here's a few games that I want:

Super Mario 3D World
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
Hyrule Warriors

I already pre-ordered Super Smash Bros for the 3DS so that doesn't count (I don't believe it does)


What games do you guys really want?
I'm very curious about Hyrule Warriors. Smash Bros is on the list too. Are you into Mario Kart?
The Nintendo games I'm looking forward to are Super Smash Bros. and Hyrule Warriors. I know I won't be getting them for a long while, but I'll eventually get there! I'm also waiting on Cavern Kings and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for the PC. Those two I will be able to purchase more easily.
I don't really keep up with much of the hype, I just hear about upcoming games and read simple summaries. Those four are games I anticipate the most, and as for my wishlist-- I don't really have a solid on that! I'll read about games and then forget about them until I see them in my face, and by then I'll have already owned or played it.
Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8. I like fun coop/multiplayer games to play with my brothers and those would be perfect!
^ those games are great. Hyrule Warriors can be played co-op at all times so might be worth checking
  • Silent Hills
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Wind Waker HD
  • Alpha Sapphire
  • The Last of Us (remastered)
Annnnndddd probably more. :rolleyes:
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Bayonetta 2
  • Sims Bustin' Out (What? I liked this game!)
  • The Wonderful 101
  • Tank! Tank! Tank!
  • Orochi Warriors 3
  • Tomodachi Life
  • Dual Hearts (After all these years, I'm STILL trying to get this game!)
  • Musashi (Only because the memory card I brought still had the data and it piqued my interest.)
The one game that I really want is the new Black Ops 3 that is going to bbe coming out. It looks like it might be the best one that they have made so far. I've been a big fan of their games from the start, so I'm excited that they are making a new one. It seems like they are coming out with the games slowly.

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