Donkey Punch

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Oct 15, 2012
Does anyone still own one of those things? I upgraded mine from zip drive to SD card and then kind of forgot about it.
The problem with Mr. Z64 is looking up compatibility lists, because there are always a few games that are broken or require patches. And you have to keep track of which N64 cartridge to boot the games with, which is just not a smooth experience.

I think once there is a high-quality N64 emulator for one of the newer consoles, that thing can be put away, although you can't beat the experience of playing on the real hardware.
It's a backup unit that connects to the bottom of your N64. They have been out of production for a long time.
haha I remember those. Never messed with one. I ripped a lot of my favorite games to roms a long time ago, my hard copies sit in the attic, safe and sound for my grandkids to make fun of me one day lol. But yea, never had one, it never really had anything I wanted it for.
Brian, those games you have stored in the attic will make your grand kids rich someday! Actually, if you leave them in the attic their circuit boards will dry up and the connections will crack over time, it's too hot up there. Keeping them dry, but not too dry, and at a comfortable room temperature is ideal. Same goes for the Z64.
I thought about that, with both my n64 and nes carts, surely being in a bad and in a chest, that is alright? No? Should I be worried?