Zelda Acapella

I listened to all three and I find it all to be amazing. I'm a vocalist myself and to hear this guy's voice and how high he is going is phenomenal! (He goes higher than me to some degree!) I think my favorite one would have to be the Deku Palace. But his ability to sing and really show what he's capable of is definitely the Oath to Order.

Thanks for sharing these! They were definitely inspirational and I bet Smooth McGroove would appreciate you advertising his wonderful melodic works!
If you think those are amazing, you should look up his one winged angle song, that will give you goosebumps.

But yeah, he has a lot of great videos and out of the three above he really nailed the deku palace song. When that first came out I listen to it for three hours straight. Stuck in my head for another 8 hours >_<
Wow, that's some dedication right there! I will be sure to check out some of their music. Actually, I think you might find this video very interesting. Good friends of mine from high school started a "Pirate band" and they decided to make a Ocarina of Time Melody! It includes most of the melodies based within that song! I hope you enjoy this!

Smooth McGroove is awesome. I remember the first time someone showed me one of his videos I was blown away. Very talented guy and you can tell a lot of work goes into those videos but the end result is certainly worth it.

Bloom, I checked out the Ocarina of Time Melody you linked and really enjoyed it. Those guys are great.
@AudaciouslyAwkward I'm glad that you enjoyed them! Unfortunately they broke up because life took a toll on them. But sometimes they get together once or twice a year and play at nearby Renaissance fairs, but even that is rare now. They were definitely an amazing band that played a lot of covers with a pirate-like theme. Again, I'm glad that you liked it!
My favourite part of watching Smooth McGroove is when he does music like this or other sweet melodic melodies & I have to see his face all over the screen reminding me he should be playing bass in a Metallica cover band.
I usually link all things to do with Smooth. Nice to see someone else picking up the Torch; I heart Smooth's renditions.

Calling to Order was my favorite track he did from MM. It was so well done I felt like I was watching the final cinematic to MM itself.

As to quote a comment "Musical Viking Jesus has came to grace us again."

And I love his cat. That cat is so chill. He always plays it with it and it's always like /shrugs


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