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Mr. Blue

Feb 28, 2013
Would you guys be intersted in seeing a whole new Zelda game for the Wii-U? I know I would, a lot of people have been talking about a remake for Wind Waker. Personaally, I don't see the reason to. The game was already availible for GameCube which didn't make it bad looking or filled with bugs. Not much has announced, but i think many consumers are still wanting more fater Skyward Sword. How do you all fair?
I definitely agree. I just finished Skyward Sword not too long ago, and the gameplay and graphics are just so amazing on the Wii (although the controls, I thought, were a little bit annoying). I would love to see something for the Wii-U, because I'd expect it to be just as mind-blowing.
There is a new Zelda coming out in the near future for the WiiU, that has already been confirmed. And when that does launch I am buying the WiiU. That should tell you a little bit about how much of a Zelda-freak I am! :D
I would be excited to see a brand new Zelda game come out for the Wii U, but ecstatic about seeing Majora's Mask come out with full-blown 1080p graphics. Being by far my favorite Zelda game, I would buy a Wii U for the sole reason of buying this game.
Zelda is pretty much THE NIntendo console seller. There are people who buy Nintendo consoles just for that title. I'm sure virtually everyone who enjoys adventure video games is waiting for the new LoZ title! That said, I'm also really excited for the WindWaker remake. Gamecube took a lot of flack during it's run for being "kiddy", with WInd Waker's cartoon-like cell shading often being presented as a main offender. I, however, found it beyond charming. It wasn't without it's problems, as anyone who's played late in the game can tell you, but it was a great title. I found it's graphic style very appealing but it hasn't aged well. Most of those earlier cell shaded games are looking pretty rough by todays standards. As a person who also bought Okami HD on the PS3, I can tell you, the transition is gorgeous. WW HD is going to be a spectacular treat for the eyes.
I am excited for a new Zelda Wii U game. I don't think I could use the gamepad though, not in a million years. I hate staring at the screen like I'm playing a DS, it drives me crazy. Maybe that's just me, but I hate it. It's battery life is also terrible.

I would be able to make do with a Wii remote so yes, I'm delighted to see a new Zelda for the Wii U. I've heard this game has been a long project in the making too. Let's hope all their hard work pays off.
There is a re-make of WindWaker being made for the Wii-U which I am very excited about! I loved the original, the gameplay and story were just amazing, and I really liked the art style that they went with. Plus being able to explore the oceans and islands was just fantastic!

I'd love for there to be a new Zelda game for the Wii-U. There was a tester Zelda they did for it which was more in the style of Twilight Princess. I did love the style of Skyward Sword but Twilight Princess was so realistic and visually looked amazing so I do hope they go with either style.

The idea of having all your items on the Wii-U pad without having to go in and out of menu's for items would be fantastic for the Zelda Wii-U.
The Wind Waker isn't really a remake so much as a re-release, but I wouldn't put it past them to add some things. That said, it's really common practive for the PS3 (and PSN, plus XBLA) to re-release older games in HD. I thought the original Wind Waker looked pretty good for the time (and it still holds up a bit), but I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like in HD.
I was wondering do any of you guys know when the new Zelda should be coming out because this is a game that I have been waiting on for a really long time and I am hoping that if it isn't released already that it is coming out soon. I honestly think that when this game is released that the sales for the WII U should increase a bit just like it did with Mario Kart 8.
Most likly 2015

And mario kart dis help the wiiu sales but now the hype stopped regarding the whole boost in consol sales
After watching E3 and numerous other expos for Eiji Aonuma to explain what has changed and what looks to be better, the game looks absolutely beautiful. It looks like they kept the animation from Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword but have the cell-shading and slightly cartoony look of Windwaker thrown in for good measure. The world is seemingly endless, just like every other Hyrule field. Only he (Eiji) explained that "If you see mountains in the distance, you can run until you reach them." - I love this open ended-ness, I just hope Hyrule isn't as small as its previous versions, because I truly want to just run forever on whichever incarnation of Epona that they give you.

Are you guys Psyched? I loved Skyward Sword, especially on Hero Mode (It was truly some rageworthy bosses) and I love the motion sense that the WII provides for games like this. What's your thoughts?

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