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Jan 20, 2014
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As far as I know there isn't a Zelda MMORPG game, but it would be an interesting concept. I think coming up with a good amount of playable classes/characters would be the most difficult part because Zelda games are usually about playing Link and saving Zelda. It wouldn't be fun if everyone is running around as Link.

I would probably do different *versions* of Link. Since he is drawn in so many different styles over the years you would technically still have a different character, but still stay true to the games.

I don't know, would anyone play a Zelda MMO RPG? If so what would you like to see added?
I don't think it would work. Nintendo really doesn't seem to dip it's toes into MMO's much, plus Zelda is all about narrative and MMO's traditionally don't offer much of that. It might be interesting though to go with a Hyrule-without-Link style MMO, you have a lot of races to play with.
Yeah, this wouldn't work very well. You'd have to have a really strong story-line due to it being a Zelda game. If they made a Zelda MMO, I can see it being something like having a few warring factions set in the Zelda universe.
It would be hard to pull off. They would probably need to set it up a little like DDO, where players could join quests together. I am not sure a completely open world game would work out. Anything is possible though.
Hmmm, trying to see how LoZ would work as a MMORPG, and while it's not impossible, I just don't see it as being probable. Most of us who play the LoZ series of games tend to be the 'lone hero' types who prefer single player gaming rather than slugging it out with a lot of other people.

Some people take that stuff WAY too seriously. I've tried one online MMO called Grepolis, and frankly it's ok if you're an aggressive a*hole type who thinks it's fun to wait till people work and take time to build up cities and then attack and rip them out from under them...it's not so much fun if you just like being peaceful and building cities.

Not really sure how the LoZ series could be turned into an MMORPG.
Wick99 said:
Yeah, this wouldn't work very well. You'd have to have a really strong story-line due to it being a Zelda game. If they made a Zelda MMO, I can see it being something like having a few warring factions set in the Zelda universe.

I think that could actually work to be fair. You sign up for Ganondorf's army, or depending on when you set it, Demise's army, warring against the other players who've chosen to play as soldiers in Hylia's army themselves.
I'm just wondering where Link and Zelda and the adventuring bit would come in. I can't see how they could possibly make a Zelda MMO work and still retain all the things about the LoZ games we know and love.

Dunno, the jusry is still out as far as I am concerned I suppose. If there was ever a LoZ MMO I'd have to check it out and judge from that point.
I think a Nintendo MMO would be a better and more successful game than a Zelda MMO.

Imagine a whole world of Nintendo characters, and all players have unique, new Nintendo Characters. Some are inspired by Link, some by Mario, some are completely original and some are little mushroom-headed kids :D

I'm letting my imagination run wild again, but it would really be a great game :D
I could see Nintendo developing a MMO--similar to the World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons Online, or the Age of Conan--set in Hyrule (as well as the Dark World, Termina, Koholint Island, etc).

Between all of the numerous Legend of Zelda games, there's been enough lore, cannon, playable races, etc already built up to get around not having everyone play a Link clone off to rescue a Zelda clone and find one of several hundred Tri-Force pieces.

After all, they were able to pull off a MMO based upon Conan without having thousands of identical Conan clones running around!
You have a point. However, I think Nintendo would aim for a bigger playerbase, and they'd probably get more players out of a Nintendo Universe MMO than from a Zelda-only MMO game.

The best scenario would be two games, of course :D
I completely agree with Averus. One big Nintendo MMO would be something fantastic! But a Legend of Zelda MMO wouldn't be as bad as most make it out to be. 8bitpenguin is right. The makers of the game definitely have a lot of species they can use. It could be something like Skyrim but with its own vibrant yet dark Zelda twist to it. And a rocking storyline with choices between good and evil and what triforce of power you would be.
I think it could be fun, in theory, to have a MMO where you play as a random character of your choosing. You could decide to be human, or Zora, or Rito, or whatever. Then you play as a character living your daily life, dealing with the various beasties and monsters in your village/city. The idea would basically be that Link can't be everywhere at once, so while he's off on his hero quest, the townspeople would be left to deal with whatever evil has arisen on their own.

I think it could work, and it could be fun, but I doubt that we'll ever see a game like this. Still, it is nice to think about! :)
nawww, I think if they would do any mmo it would be pokemon first but I don't think that's going to happen.
I think there's a much better chance of a Pokemon MMO, since it has no main hero, and it seems like the perfect game for PVP (Pokemon vs Pokemon). In Zelda, Link is always the generic savior of Zelda, and I'm not sure how it would work, since the lore has no possibility to coincide with an MMO. For example, Elder Scrolls Online has connections to the past Elder Scrolls games, and it connects to the lore pretty well, while Zelda has no place on ANY timeline for an MMO story.
The only thing you could consider to some extent a Zelda MMO are Smash Bros (and that would be more like a Nintendo MMO) or Hyrule Warriors if you consider playing it online or with Friends an MMO.
They theoretically could do something along the lines of what Star Wars: The Old Republic did - make a massively interact-able game where they can form parties, see people in open world environments, but mainly do instances for group play and focusing on storyline while directing the people towards the end ala zelda style, and then do an endgame platform such as Temples that only open up when you have beaten the game, and they're said hold legendary treasures (like extended hookshots or bows with increased ranges and accuracies) and make the boss raid-tier.

It would work. Wildly well, I'd even venture a guess. The only problem is the company making it would have to have Nintendo's backing, because I never see Nintendo selling rights to that series. Or making an MMO themselves. They've traditionally been single-player minded.
There are the CD-i Zelda games where Nintendo gave away the right for the series, but it didn't turn out too well :p Hyrule is a good start for an open world MMO in theory. You could have different races like Gerudo, Zora, Kokiri, Goron.... There are also a lot of possibilities to use Zelda Items for equipment or spells. I know I would love it to equip the Master Sword.^^
I would absolutely love a Zelda MMO. Like others have mentioned, the world-building is already done, we would have plenty of races and roles to choose from. I've always wanted to play as a Gerudo, personally (although they've pretty much been written out of most of the newer Zelda games, which is just tragic.)

I could see Zelda herself being an NPC quest-giver type character. Maybe all of our characters are selected to play a role in the Hero of Time's journey somehow, so Zelda gives us missions to help Link. That way, you can still play as a completely original character while still maintaining the typical plot of Zelda games.
That would work, because that's what I hinted on in my post how SWTOR was relevant. If it's done like that, or LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) you can still have major characters from the show/game show up in certain pivotal story missions (like Link showing up in the Temple you're currently fighting in en route to go get his treasure to make it to the next temple) and you assist him with opening a door or figuring a puzzle out.