Zelda: Top down or 3D 3rd person


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Jun 20, 2013
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Do you prefer zelda with a top down perspective like the original and ALttP, or in 3D 3rd person like Ocarina of time, wind waker, and other recent console Zelda's? I actually like them equally. I really enjoy the old games, but I also think zelda made the 3D transition very well. I love the gameplay and world in Twilight princess and Wind waker, and love ALttP and LOZ as well. Both styles for the series very well. I'm glad Nintendo is making top down games for the handhelds such as A link between worlds, because I still enjoy playing these games as we as the modern 3D Zelda's!
Ocarina of Time is an excellent game. The amount of stuff you had to collect was impressive. I liked the 3D style battles, but sometimes the angles were a bit awkward. I really got annoyed by the fairy too. Zelda made the transition well into the 3D world (far better then Metroid).
As good as Ocarina of Time is, it doesn't compare to the 2 classics-Zelda and A Link to the Past. The topdown Zeldas will always be number one for me. I never really like Zelda 2 on the NES, mainly because it changed up the classic formula from the original. If Nintendo were to make a topdown Zelda, with an enormous world to explore, I would be in heaven.
Will you be getting A Link Between Worlds? It is a top down zelda that is a spiritual successor to a link to the past, and is set in the same world. I am really excited for it, because I floods like they did away with the horrible touch controls that poisoned the handheld series in the DS era.
What system is it coming out for? If it's a top down Zelda, I want to own it! A Link to the Past is an amazing game.
It is coming out for the 3DS. It looks really good. The music and world in the trailer remind me a lot of ALttP!
I love the Zelda series so much that I really want to get this game, but I still don't have a 3DS. The low battery life of this system (compared to DS Lite) kind of turns me off, not to mention that I don't enjoy 3D all that much. But this game looks SOOO much fun.
The 3DS XL has a long battery life, and you always have the option to turn 3D off. There are so many good games for the 3DS it is a must have system for Nintendo fans.
How much is the 3DS costing nowadays? I would love to pick up all the Nintendo systems, but money is more restrictive then it has been for a while.
It costs around 180 for the XL, I think. and 170 for the normal one

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