Zelda U rant


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Jan 31, 2016
Wii U
Emily rogers is at it again 'leaking' stuff on twitter! This time is Zelda U. You can read about it here.
So a ton of People are hype. But am i the only one who is REALLY salty??? So every character talks now... That takes away a ton of charm. Oh and You can play as Linkle? R.I.P Link.
SRRLYS I MAY NOT EVEN BUY ZELDA U NOW!!! I was not even a huge fan of the open world stuff. Zelda is pretty much Skyrim now. And if i want Skyrim I WILL PLAY SKYRIM... The only hope i have are these are untrue rumors but i could 100% see it happen. Especially since it is coming from Emily rogers who has been right before. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NINTENDO!!
Well she has been right before as well.
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I don't think "Linkle" as we know her will appear anywhere in Zelda U... that's a Koei Tecmo creation for Hyrule Warriors Legends. I do however think it's a possibility that there will be gender options in Zelda U, but who knows really until we see more at e3.

If there is voice acting, perhaps there will be an option to leave it off.. thus giving the best of both words for those who wanted it, and those who don't care for it. To say Zelda U is pretty much Skyrim now is a bit overkill. We don't really know much about Zelda U other then the fact we were told it will not be your "typical" open world.

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