Zelda Wii U is now in development for Nintendo NX


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Sep 19, 2012
As we previously predicted in the Nintendo NX release date thread, more industry insiders are now coming out with information corroborating that the development of the Legend of Zelda game previously announced for Wii U is being migrated to Nintendo's new platform, Nintendo NX.

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma announced in March that the release of the upcoming Zelda game was no longer going to happen in 2015. This announcement happened only a few days after Satoru Iwata announced the NX as Nintendo's next-generation gaming platform.

Why does it make sense for Nintendo to switch Zelda over from Wii U to NX? For several good reasons.

First, Wii U development is winding down. Venture Beat reports that of the 380 originally announced Wii U exclusive games, most were launched in 2013, and some were released in 2014. The Legend of Zelda was the last big AAA first-party release to be released in 2015, and that release was tellingly shelved until 2016. That means that Nintendo will stop promoting the Wii U very soon and focus entirely on more promising systems.

Second, Zelda on NX would make a fantastic launch title. Historically, most Nintendo systems launched with a Mario installment, but launching with a major Zelda game would also creative positive publicity for the new system.

Finally, Nintendo has already pulled this trick with Zelda before. Remember Twilight Princess that was schedule to be a GameCube exclusive? As the Wii launch date approached, Nintendo quickly announced that Twilight Princess was now going to be released on both GameCube and Wii. What's more is that Nintendo intentionally made the GameCube version inferior by disabling widescreen mode in order entice people to buy the Wii version (and the Wii, of course).

We stand by our previous prediction that the new Legend of Zelda game will launch on Nintendo NX in November 2016.

I am going to say no mainly for the sole fact I don't think we will see really the NX until 2017. They just announced really that they were in development stages for it. So with Zelda being able to be released most likely middle of next year I don't think they will want to push it back even further for the game.

If they come out and say the NX will be released next year then yes that thought will change. I think I rather see a game that makes me want to buy a Nintendo console system again instead of them pushing out nothing. So I wouldn't be completely against this idea. If Nintendo doesn't show anything in June or September at E3 or TGS they have CGS next year. If we don't see anything about NX by March next year then I don't see it being release in 16' and Zelda not getting pushed back another year.
I love the idea of Zelda as a launch title but I really hope we don't have to wait two years for the new game. I don't see the NX being out before 2017 either but I suppose they could do something similar to what Sony did with The Last of Us and release the game on WiiU and then a remastered edition for the NX. I really liked how Twilight Princess was released on both the Gamecube and Wii so it's not unheard of for Nintendo to do something like that since they have done it before with the series. I can see Nintendo wanting to drive sales for it's new console by making Zelda an exclusive for the new system but I think enough people would buy both if they already own a WiiU and if they don't will probably buy it for the new system.
I can not wait for the NX for a new Zelda game! I started saving as soon as i saw it was coming out. I figure a few dollars here and there and I will have the money before it comes out. Zelda will be the first game I buy for that system, since I am an old-head when it comes to Zelda!

Thanks for all the info on the NX and such @crunchyg it is really informative. :)
I really hope this Legend of Zelda game doesn't go the way of Twilight Princess...Yes, that was a great game, but the motion controls needed improving; it felt like it was too last minute.

That being said, I can't wait till the NX is out, and a new Zelda game at launch would be nice...
I don't know man. should Nintendo even bother to make another game console? they are so far behind the technological stick. They look like they are following segas path. They are coming out with a new system before everyone else and it's going to be technologically inferior to whats out there now.

Good luck to them.
This a rumor or confirmed? If it was confirmed I know I would have seen news sites light up about this with the fans going crazy (in a bad way). I really don't want this on the NX, since I need more games for my Wii U but I do feel one way or another this will end up on NX.

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