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Feb 17, 2016
Anyone else looking forward to the upcoming Zero Time Dilemma? As someone who's been a fan of the Zero Escape series since 999 came out, it's pretty exciting to see the release date draw near. The plot seems hopelessly confusing to me, but I still thought it would be fun to see what theories you all might have as to what on earth we can expect from the story's conclusion. I'll start off with some questions, though feel free to add your own. Naturally, here there be spoilers for the first two games!

For one, what's up with Free the Soul and, perhaps specifically, Brother? We know they're responsible for the Radical-6 outbreak that we'll be trying to prevent, but what role exactly can we expect them to play in this final game? Why were they so set on stopping the AB project?

We also have some mysterious connections to Free the Soul from some of the other characters. Akane, for example was seen wearing myrmidon robes at one point (as was Gordain a long time ago). Alice's father was kidnapped by them. We also have an unknown killer for Left which may or may not become relevant, and Brother himself is known to have esper powers of some kind.

There's also the All-Ice thing. On the one hand, it could just be a red herring used during 999. On the other hand, what if it's relevant after all? Suppose there really is a mysterious Egyptian princess running around somewhere? Or what if this attempt to bring Alice and Clover to the new timeline will somehow tie Alice to the the All-Ice after all? Do we think this will be addressed again?

I'm also interested to learn more about Phi. For all the time we spent with her in VLR, we didn't actually get to know much about her, unlike everyone else. Some speculation I've seen online want to connect her with Santa or Free the Soul, though honestly, it's hard to come up with anything very definite on her. We know her mother's dead and her father's whereabouts are unknown. It's also possible her pendant is a clue, with the Latin inscription (translated to "Not even Jupiter can find a lost opportunity").

Finally, for a more light-hearted question, who do you want to have as the playable character? Sigma, Phi, both again, Junpei, or someone new?

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