3DNes - Play Nes In 3D


Mar 8, 2016
I'm currently developing 3DNes - an emulator allow playing Nes Game In 3D World.
You will have an idea about 3DNes with the demo below

This is an multi platform project and the first rolled-out platform is Web.
You could try the beta version with the following address:
http://tructv.bitbucket.org/3dnes/ (currently only run in Firefox)

Have fun and please share your though about the project.
Thank you.
I'll check it out later today when I download Firefox and give you some thoughts. Thanks for sharing.
Hello everyone, long time no see

I'm here to report my progress on PC Build :

Feel free to share your thought.
I'm guessing it will perform better on a higher end PC?
But anyway, yeah mind = blown. This is the first time I've seen this :eek:
Yes, I actually took a look at your channel after reading your first post. So you haven't encountered any copyright problems/notifications from Nintendo yet? I've seen a couple of mods / hacks get their site/videos taken down. The most recent one I think was the HD remake of Super Mario 64 created by a college kid. Poor kid. Nintendo didn't give his creation a chance to shine.
3DNes is coming out with ingame realtime editing feature.
Part 1:
Is this the same emulator that was covered in The Verge about a month ago? This is pretty insane.
Any feedback from users without dedicated graphics cards?
No, I'm using the integrated card for development and testing, many beta tester are using integrated cards. There is just no problem at all.
What do you mean by integrated cards? Neither APUs, Intel graphics, or even embedded Nvidia chips use cards...
Well that sounds like a great idea, so thank you for this. I am not all that familiar with the inner workings of emulators but this seems like it takes a little expertise to pull off, so well done on that front. I am very curious to see what some of my favorites games or the classic games from back in the day look like in 3D. Thanks again and I will certainly stay tuned.
Neat idea but a novelty that would wear thin on me within minutes TBH.
Hello again,
I would like to inform you the release of 3DNes V1.2 with Virtual Reality, First Person View and Control.
Here is the feature preview video:

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