3DNes - Play Nes In 3D

The sounds were familiar, but I had to look in the YouTube comments for help. :)
Version 1.3.0 has been released at: https://geod.itch.io/3dnes

- Switch to core architecture => possibility to use another emulation core

- Improve cpu, ppu, apu emulation accuracy as a whole

- Fix input latency issue

- Fix sound lag, cropping

- Reimplement of mmc3 mapper

- Porting Blipbuf to C# => code base is pure C# now

- Add Vrc2-4 mapper (21,23,25,27)

- Add Action53 mapper (28)

- Remove border masking => now you can observe the scene from trully 360 degree

- Add instancing shader, better rendering performance

- Onepass virtual reality rendering

- Smoother shadow rendering

- Add credits for BlipBuf and BizHawk project

- Save/Load backward compability is broken
3DNes V1.4 - VR Version has been released:

- Release Video:
- [New Feature][Shape Editor] multi shape processing (adjust, delete), multi shape merging

- [New Feature][Shape Editor] manually select tiles to create new shape.

- [Facility] Add 79 pre build 3dn file of popular nes games

- [New Feature][Pro] Vive - Oculus - 3D Monitor support

- [Change][Window][Linux] 3dn files will be managed at $3dnes_path/3dn

- [Bug Fix] Fix texture rendering bug in some nvidia cards. This is a regression bug.
How does the emulator decide what depth to assign to sprites and backgrounds?
News on development.
3DNes : Mario - Pipes - Vietnamese Flag - Water World
Glad to see the project is going strong!

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