@BjFauble nice! I got lucky and found the yarn Yoshi to go along with Woolley World for Christmas. Im jealous of you though!
I have Tom Nook, Isabelle, and the three pack that comes with Reece, K.K., and Cyrus. Animal Crossing is my second favorite Nintendo franchise.
I just purchased a Wii U. I have two Amiibos thus far. Zero Suit Samus & Wolf Link. I didn't have a place to put them yet so I used my old Mario Paint Mouse board (Super Nintendo) from Nintendo to put them on. it's pretty cool. I set it next to my tv.
I have a fair amount of amiibo myself.
The only amiibo I actually pre-ordered were the ones in the retro pack which included R.O.B, Duck Hunt Dog, and Mr. Game and watch. I regret it now that I didn't take advantage of the pre-orders when they were available.
It's true that most of them are rare and will never get a restock in store.
The method I use now to obtain them is surfing online (mostly eBay) and finding good prices. Sometimes you get really lucky and find rare ones for a fairly cheap price, which is always good.
I'm still on the lookout for ones I don't have such as, gold and silver Mario, Lucas, Wii fit trainer, and most of the newer ones.
I am not much of an Amiibo collector TBH but i got a Mario and Pikachu for Christmas 2014 and Mewtwo and Ganondorf for last Christmas. The amiibo are half price at my local gamestore atm so i am probably gonna get the Boy and Girl Inklings and Ness and Lucas just because THEY ARE MOTHER STUFF :.D

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