Best and worst games of the Zelda series

Linkzelda said:
The Zelda in [Twilight Princess] was unfortunately the epitome of an Ice Queen, but I could see why she would be portrayed like that. But it just felt to me that she already knew who the Hero will be, and it just became a relationship where it was like they’re just compatible because of their roles.
I don't find TP Zelda to be an ice queen. Yes, she was more serious than usual, she had a caring, motherly persona, and she expressed sympathy.
rocketracoon said:
I don't find TP Zelda to be an ice queen. Yes, she was more serious than usual, she had a caring, motherly persona, and she expressed sympathy.
Looking back at her again in Twilight Princess, I could easily conceptualize her having those traits of a motherly persona and being able to express sympathy. It’s just that most of my judgment on her was based on conjecture, especially since she only portrayed herself a few times in the game (won’t spoil it for anyone of course).

I guess because of the set of circumstances she was with the Twilight Realm and everything, there wasn’t much opportunity for character development. And by that, being able to do more than just the casual traits all Zeldas would have at some point. It felt like she was perfectly aware of her role as a princess, but had more of a stricter standard on herself. So I definitely agree with you there, rocketracoon.

In fact, here’s the part below where she truly shines, and I think I should’ve gave her more credit from this alone for potentially having that motherly like persona (warning: spoilers!):

From that scene alone, and I can’t believe I forgot about it all these years, is what makes this Zelda another one to respect. Here I thought Zelda sacrificed herself, but thankfully that wasn’t the case at the end. And here’s the interesting aspect, it adds on to how this game in particular focused on how there are other Princesses that could be just as important as the impression people impose on Zelda’s persona in general.

Looking back at that particular scene, I think I’ve been hard on TP’s Zelda. So to rocketracoon, thanks for the response there. It’s amazing how even though I felt I had some assurance on who this Zelda was in particular, there are always parts that I usually take for granted, just like that scene in the YouTube video above.

Man, now I want to start going back in full detail of the other Zeldas in the future, haha. With how fast I usually play the games, I probably missed more subtle aspects that made them awesome in their own spectrum.

And just to expound on the Windwaker being one of my favorites:


That was the part that made me respect her. Just that one scene alone was enough for me to forgive her as a player of how she kind of treated Link a bit less than herself before.
Anyway, Twilight Princess is my personal best. My personal worst would be Zelda II on NES.
Well, I haven't played too many Zelda games and most of the Zelda games that I played were quite enjoyable. I played the Link to the Past, however, I didn't finish it because I couldn't figure out a level, which I got stuck in one place. I ended up quitting the game because I just couldn't find out the solution. I guess that was the least favorite Zelda game I played. My favorite Zelda games were Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Track, which Spirit Track was by far my favorite Zelda game. I used a walkthrough guide for each of those Zelda game, which that was the reason that I was able to finish the game. Plus, I really enjoy the music of Zelda: Spirit Track and would love to play again when I have a chance in the future.
For me the best is a tough choice between Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker. I love those games, I love the feeling of adventure that comes with them, and I love the feeling of eerie dread that comes with Majora's Mask.

The worst for me is Phantom Hourglass. I couldn't stand that game after the first few dungeons. It just got so darn repetitive with that place where you go after everything you do, and it's timed. I can't remember the name of it. It just got on my nerves. Also I think it would have been better if the sailing was like that of Wind Waker. The great feeling of sailing was part of the greatness of Wind Waker.
The best Zelda game is clearly A Link to the Past, I liked a lot about OOT but it doesn't stack up to its prequel IMO. Worst for me, is probably Zelda II but its not a bad game at all. I found enjoyment out of it.
My favorite Zelda game and one that I still play to this day is Zelda Ocarina Of Time. I really enjoyed that game a lot and it was the fiirst Zelda game that I had ever played and that is the game that I think that made me fdall in love with the Zelda series. Really and truly though I really loved all of the Zelda games after I had gotten hooked from playing the Ocarina Of Time the were all good in their own unique ways.
I can't say I have a least favorite because I love them all! As for my favorite, that's hard too. I have things about each of the games that would make any of them my favorite to play. There are things about each one that I find a bit annoying, but not enough to ever bore me. The only thing I am finding annoying about Skyward Sword right now is having to fight the big, black lizard thing for what seems like a zillion times to reseal the damned thing in...repeatedly...once or twice should have been more than enough. LOL
To me I think that the worst game that I have played in the Zelda series of games has to be Zelda the Majoras Mask. I did not enjoy that game one bit and I tell you that I found it to be really boring when you are just starting out because I was literally lost for the first few minutes of playing the game. Now don't get me wrong I like games that have a bit of a challenge in them, but if the game is really confusing then it really makes no sense for the person who is playing it.
I'm gonna be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the 2D Zelda games. OoT and Majora's Mask are forever going to be my two favorite N64 and Zelda titles. It may just be nostalgia but I don't really care, it's how I feel.
Diiiid someone ask for the worst games in the Zelda series!?

Best is Minish Cap by far. Everything in that game just came together and was really cool. Worst was definitely the DSI ones or whatever that god awful DVD thing was called.
Zelda II was terrible and I would say my favorite is still WindWaker. It's pretty awesome and has an timeless art style.
Well, I haven't played all of the games, but I have to say the best one I've played is Twilight Princess, hands down. The worst I've ever played...well, I don't believe there can even be a worst in Zelda standards.
It is hard for me to choose a favorite, I really loved both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. I know they are very different games, but I love them both in their own right. For me, they are perfect examples of the two versions of Link (child/adult). Wind Waker, with "child" Link, is cartoonish and fun, full of vibrant colors and funny characters. Twilight Princess, with "adult" link, is more realistic and darker, both in the storyline and the art style. Midna has been my favorite companion so far, and I did prefer the horseback riding over sailing. The art styles are so different, for me it is like comparing apples to oranges. They are both different, and they are both wonderful.

My least favorite, and I hate to say it, has been Majora's Mask. I just couldn't get behind the whole rewinding time thing. I know this is a favorite for some, and I would like to give it another shot sometime, especially since I never actually finished it. But at the time I tried to play through it, I just couldn't get into it at all. Eventually I got frustrated and gave up.
I don't find TP Zelda to be an ice queen. Yes, she was more serious than usual, she had a caring, motherly persona, and she expressed sympathy.
It's not like you even got that much out of her in TP. I mean, you talk to her...twice before she 'dies' and then she's back in the ending. Considering what she does for Midna however, I'd have to agree with you.
my favorite would be Zelda: "Link To The Past" it was very fun to play on the GBA play it all the time and still do. Me and my friends always play with each other on Four Sword by cabling each other it's fun to play.
In my opinion, Ocarina of time was the best Zelda game ever made, but it might just be my nostalgia coating my memories with gold flakes and making them look better. I remember vast, lush environments that emitted a sense of magic, the perfect dungeons that all had a mazelike, but unique feel, and new creatures around the corner. The story and characters were gripping, and I could barely pry myself away to return to the boring, stale real world.

On the other side of the spectrum, Spirit Tracks was terrible. At first I had the expectation of an all new Hyrule, with new lands, landmarks, dungeons, even lore. Since I loved the Wind Waker, I was excited to see a direct sequel other than Phantom Hourglass. I expected you could get off the train at any time and explore the entire continent by foot, but I was wrong. The game defied all other Zelda notions such as great puzzles, explorations, nonlinearity, and so many others.
My favorite LoZ game is Majora's Mask. My least favorite is spirit tracks. =m= Hero of trains?? Really??

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