Best Moments in Majora's Mask


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Oct 22, 2014
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MM is very different from all the other games in the series. Not just because it's darker and creepier, but because it deals with some incredibly deep and mature topics.

So what are your favorite moments in the game?

I hate to say it, but I've never played Majora's Mask. It's kind of embarrassing, but the time limit just put me off. I'm the type of gamer that like to take his time, look everywhere, read everything and when I heard that you had to hurry, it seemed to stressful to me... If that makes sense. I do have a copy somewhere, I should give it a shot though.

Thanks for reminding me. :)
well i just started up the 3ds version, and i think now that this is my second try and i have a strategy guide, i will enjoy it more for what it is: A different kind of game. First of all the 3d is very clear so i can play in it. Now i understand it is more story driven, I'm more interested in stopping robbers/aliens and such then completing dungeons.

My favorite moment is the Story! how bout that?
I loved Majora's Mask. I left it incomplete as a kid but I revisited it through my teenage years and probably loved it twice as much then. I've been revisiting it over several months and despite not giving it the continuity it deserves, each time I pop it on it's a delight. It's quite possibly my favorite Zelda game, maybe tied in with Ocarina of Time.
Like the original post here states, I like that it handles several topics, often more mature, and I can't help but love the eerie and dark ambiance overall. It gives off a pretty unqiue vibe, in my opinion, and that's one of the things I always loved about it.

It's also a treat playing the GameCube promo version on my Wii, I have to say. It's probably the game that most sees action on that console for me.
@Hyrule Chicken You should totally get on it. The time limit is a bit annoying at times, but there's still plenty of opportunities to explore and get lost the game.

@dustinb12 Haha, yeah the story does make for some really compelling stuff. This game really shows the evolution of the franchise and the way Nintendo was trying to do new things.

@CemeteryGates23 We both really love the way it takes on so many different elements, way more than the other Zelda games before it. Another game in this style would be fantastic.
well I'm about to enter the Stone Tower Temple, so i don't have much left to do story-wise. This 3d remake has been an A+ as far as I'm concerned. You can see everything, there are no blurry backgrounds. This made the game a lot more enjoyable for me. The original really drove me bananas, i had to stop and order a strategy guide to complete it. But this remake has made me move MM way up my list on favs. Id put it, personally, above OoT. Good job Nintendo, soon ill be on to TPHD!
Anything to do with the final day is awesome. You really get the sense of impending doom as the moon gets closer and closer to Termina, and everyone starts to freak out and leave town. Particularly in the town square, looking up at the clock tower. Might be my love of disaster movies speaking more than anything, though.

Rolling around as a Goron is pretty great, too.
The first time that you put on the Zora Mask and jump into the water. Best. Day. Ever.
so i just 100% completed it for the first time ever thanks to the 3ds version. off the top of my head, i did kinda have a moment during the credits/end movie when i saw Anju in her wedding dress. Great game, as usual. I did like the doomed feeling, thats how some games should feel.
This is the only game in the series I haven't played yet besides those awful games on the CDI lol! I will check it out soon!
@billz30 you know, i think you would like it (due to your Fantasy Life affection). There is only 4 major dungeons, but most of the game is social side quests. Now that i played through twice, I really appreciated this game. It's rewarding like FL.

Pro Tip: GET A STRATEGY GUIDE. I tried without it on my first play through, and really started to hate the game quick. I just didn't understand it. Now i love it very much, it's ranked higher than OOT 0n my personal list
@dustinb12 Wow thanks for the recommendation. I will add the game to my wish list now. Looking forward to it , thanks
Where did you get stuck and how did you start hating it @dustbin12, lol, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it was at the end of the first day. Or some other... key point that lacked any explanation in the game xD That installment really didn't have any explanations for a lot of key navigation.
@Shiftrex let me preface this by typing that i am Zelda all the way. Have all the games, collect toys, t-shirts, tattoos, all dat. My first experience with MM was on the Gamecube promotional disc with LoZ, AoL, OOT, and MM all on it. My goal was to play all the way through all of them. I found the controls to feel weird, I didn't understand how much i could manipulate time, and well i just lost it when i couldn't beat Gyorg. I kept running out of time, and i just couldn't do it with the swimming in circles and all. So instead of running to the computer to see what i needed to do, i quit, ordered a guide off of Amazon and then went at it again. I then finished to say, I did it. I just didn't get that i could slow time, FF time etc. I literally stood around till the end of the third day to get Kafei and Anju's quest finished up for example. (Im a Taurus so I'm nothing if not stubborn.)

Now that I'm older and have the 3d version i've seen it for what it really is: an awesome, hardcore Zelda game which is now in my top 3 fav's. And as far as hate goes, well nothing generated gamer fury like AoL did!
Haha, we've all been there. I didn't know what to do to reset time on the third day the first few times I tried playing. I kept thinking that I had to fight skull kid right then and there.
I remember that race now! And shooting arrows at those guys to guard the milk delivery later lol.
[SPOILERS AHEAD] (it's not like there's much to spoil, but I like to think that's something people should experience by themself playing the game)

As you can tell from my avatar, Majora's Mask is a game I really like, possibly one of my favourite games of all time. This is not just due to the game itself and its top-notch atmosphere, gameplay and soundtrack, but also to the way it influences the player on an emotional level. You feel dragged into the game, you start to genuinely care about every single side character, and you'll slowly realize the Moon is not the thing that is really oppressing you: time is. You can't save everyone, and that's something you have to accept. By the time you get to the end of the game, in other timelines, Termina and all of its citizens have probably died tens of times.
On the last day, the day you can finally really save everyone, you'll rush through it. Play the Song of Double Time, probably, and get right to business. You'll want to make time flow faster, ironically.
And then, you get to the Moon. That's probably the level that finally made me realize how truly wonderful this game is.
Peaceful. Green. Playful. Just a tree in the middle of it. It's so anticlimatic you'll feel confused.
You get to know the Skull Kid better. You'll feel sorry for the character you have probably hated during the entire game. You will feel exactly what the game wants you to. It has your heart and mind in its hands, and the Moon is what makes you realize that.

That's why the game's finale is, to me, the best moment in the entire game, and IMHO one of the best moments in gaming's history. It represents the apex of the player's immersion in the game, a catharsis of sorts, the calm after (and right before, as well) the storm.
@PenguinManiac excellent post! thats how i felt. I just finished it again a few weeks ago. Do you find that inside the Moon is supposed to be Heaven?

The older i get, the more i love the games where you care for the characters. Fantasy Life was like that too. Like you were really in the story
Best moment in Majora's mask is when you help each mask spirit and learn about their life and situation. It made the quests so much more endearing because you were completing the life mission of a character.