Best Moments in Majora's Mask

@PenguinManiac excellent post! thats how i felt. I just finished it again a few weeks ago. Do you find that inside the Moon is supposed to be Heaven?

It sure felt like it (I'm sure it's graphically inspired to it), and it instantly reminded me of Eden's garden, but considering its role in the game as Skull Kid's personal refuge, I'd risk and say it's the representation of his childhood and memories. He grew up in the woods, after all, in a previously peaceful environment, but he was left alone. The Majora's Mask allowed him to reverse his microcosm and macrocosm: he let out all the hatred he had to keep in during his life, and thus finding peace inside of him. However, he still couldn't get rid of his loneliness, and that's where he ended up: a peaceful, solitary place.
As I have already said, the Moon is really anticlimatic, but it's perfect to make the player symphatise for the Skull Kid.
Well I would agree except that isn't the end of the story :D

In fact, we see the very same skull kid again, or so it is heavily implied, in Twilight Princess when he shows Link where the Master Sword is because Link reminds him of a 'fairy boy' that he used to be friends with. Skull Kid does find friendship in many places, originally he had it with the two fairies Talt and Tael and the giants. Then when those people 'abandoned' him, from his perspective, he found friendship in someone that just wanted to use him for his loneliness, Majora who also abused his fairy friends. The Skull Kid was never really alone at any stage of the game. Even in his 'peaceful and solitary' place he was still plagued with a screaming Demon that cared nothing for him.
Well if I remember correctly, the beginning of the game is pretty frustrating, when you are the Deke character (I am pretty sure I spelled that one wrong). I also remembering it being frustrating figuring out how to get rid of that and get to Link, so I would have to say that one great moment would have to be that moment when you can finally be link and not that weird woodlands character anymore.

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