Breath of The Wild - General Questions Thread


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Nov 19, 2016
I don't know how this site feels about a general questions thread for specific games, but I have some questions about BoTW and don't want to keep creating a new thread for each. Besides, it may help others playing through the game by scanning the thread too.

So the two questions that I have off the bat are:

1. When you finish the main story quest line and it tells you what you have accomplished, does it tell you what/where you have left to find the different things? For example, I think I read there are 120 shrines. After the game does it tell you not only how many shrines you have found (e.g. 70/120), but also what regions the remaining shrines are in? Same with the other collectibles like the Korok Seeds?

2. With your boosting of your hearts and stamina, does it cap you for each? Or will it allow you to be very unbalanced, like put all towards hearts or all towards stamina for example?
no worries, this is a perfect thread to have:

1. im not sure exactly, but have you met Kilton yet? He will tell you some percentages from what i understand.

2. I filled up my stamina meter first because i was a climber. 3 wheels is max. Then i did the rest hearts, which i DID do all the shrines before i stormed the castle. I don't remember exactly how many that gives, but as you know its more about how you cook than anything!

Did you buy the DLC? Do you have the Korok mask?
I haven't even heard of Kilton until now. After a quick Google search, I'm going to make finding him a priority!

I haven't purchased the expansion yet. I was going to wait until I finished the story, but after reading about the Korok mask I might just get it earlier.

Follow up question :)
When I was looking at the expansion, I wasn't sure if the 2nd expansion coming shortly is included in the $20 price. Any ideas?
@MilkBone i don't remember the exact price, but yes, i was under the impression that it was all included in the $20.

Do you have a strategy guide? Now myself, i like to explore and see if i can figure things out on my own, but with the book i learned lots of stuff that i was missing. Just a suggestion.
Also, yes i HIGHLY suggest the dlc for the Korok mask if you are a collector. I found myself running around in it always, unless i was about to fight.

I also liked having a book because i got very involved in finding armor and upgrading it. This and clearing shrines became my favorite things to do! Awesome game, aint it?
@dustinb12 No, I didn't get the strategy guide. I've purchased guides for tons of others games. I might have to look into that. I'm very interested in the expansion. I think you're right, it's all of it for $20. Plus you get to ride a motorcycle lol.

For anyone looking for a good guide for some of the locations, I've been following these and it's been quite helpful:
Korok Seeds -
Shrines -
@MilkBone The last few nights i got home from work, my daughter has been playing the DLC and wow! If you are interested, i think you would like it. Now that both rounds are available, its very worth it. The first round was mostly armor, but now there is a LOT of stuff to do. Let's just say, if you want that motorcycle you will have to work for it! It is very difficult, but not as bad as the Master Sword trials.

We have work to do my friend!
I know there is a limit to how many weapons, bows and shields you can carry (which progress with Korok Seeds).
I also found there is a limit to how many meals you can carry at once.

Is there a limit to how many pieces of Armor you can hold at once?
Same question with materials?
@MilkBone ill say no. With all the dlc armor, it just keeps growing. As for material, you can have only so many cooked meals, but unlimited materials. I have well over 300 moblin horns, etc. Let's just say, you may need that many for something....
@MilkBone anytime! I am officially finished. I have done all the DLC, and gone through to beat up Ganon afterwards for the second time. I loved it. An absolute masterpiece. Im not qualified to say if it's the greatest of all time, but it's the best game ive ever played. Beautiful story. Of course i'll spoil nothing, but i will always love to talk about it and help anyone who needs.

How do they top this? I have no clue. You'd have to come way outta left field, like they did with Majora's Mask i guess. Im very sad and don't want to let it go. The ONLY good thing about being finished is i have Odyssey on tap waiting for me!
How about a few Non-spoiler tips?
1. Collect, collect, collect

2. Don't forget about Stasis. Like when you cant get away from certain pests
@dustinb12 Stasis? Are you referring to fast travel? Is that called Stasis?

EDIT: Just booted up to play a little. Oh yeah, the stasis where you freeze stuff! I didn't know you could freeze enemies!?! I'm gonna try that.
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@MilkBone heehee.

Oh and don't do like i did and wait til it's over to try playing with the Octorock parts. I saw a guy on twitter make a raft float!
@dustinb12 Ok, I tried to do Stasis on a couple of enemies and they didn't light up as being able to freeze. Does it only work on some enemies?
DLC pack 2 gives link a motorcycle. Can't wait to try that out.
@dustinb12 Ok, I tried to do Stasis on a couple of enemies and they didn't light up as being able to freeze. Does it only work on some enemies?
correct. Don't even try it on a Lynel. Depending on the strength of the enemy pretty much determines the length of the freeze. It sure got me out of trouble with Guardians though.
I've been kicking those Lynel's butts since the original Zelda on the NES.
@dustinb12 Just figured out why I couldn't use stasis on enemies...cuz I didn't have it upgraded lol. Now I can! Time to have fun.
@MilkBone you know, i didn't event know that. I think i just accidentally figured it out long after i upgraded. Wow, hope i didn't steer you wrong!

A LOT of the game's charm is finding out there is many many ways to accomplish whatever task/fight you are working on. About time too. This is something in Zelda that should have been dealt with a long time ago. In OOT for example, you really don't have much options on how to fight.
@dustinb12 haha, no worries. There is so much in this game. Even if someone has put 1000 hours into it I would bet there are things they still don't know about. It is just amazing the time and care that went into the development of it and how everything fits together in some way. They thought of everything.