Breath of The Wild - General Questions Thread

@MilkBone between BOTW and Odyssey, IMO Nintendo has rediscovered the thrill of wonder. Of exploration and discovery. I felt no matter how high i climbed, there was some kind of reward there. And in return made me curious as to what's next up there?
@dustinb12 Exactly! I bought Odyssey but only played a couple of hours. I want to finish BotW first...kinda an OCD thing. I can't wait to dive into Odyssey though. Both of these games are fantastic. Say what you will about Nintendo, but I will take an E or T rated Nintendo game over an M rated shooter anyday. Things don't have to be filled with blood and cursing to be fun.
Why does do Korok's give you fieces? Why is it yellow? Why does Link touch it?

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