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Jun 12, 2014
Hi sorry if this is wrong place but do we have a livechat anyplace? Maybe a irc channel or a java/live chat on the forum that I missed?

WE SHOULD Get one if no it would be AWESOM! :cool:
I agree! A shoutbox would definitely be a great way to get the community started :)
We needz a chat room!
Maybe not a live one where we see each others' faces, more like one where you can choose a member and go to their room.
If you've been on Exploding Rabbit, you'll know what I mean.
Hmm... I am not sure how I feel about this just because chat rooms are an easy way to harass someone else.
I made a chatroom on Efnet everyone can join for now, the channel name is

For those who don't have an irc client installed (or just don't know what it is ;p) here is a direct link to the chat that you can join using mibbit through your browser (its safe don't worry).

Just fill in your nickname from the default and press go.

For those with an irc client


Hope to see you there! :cool:
No there is private messaging on the forums. I send private messages daily to other people. I am not talking about leaving a comment on someone else's profile.
Im not bugging anyone to join, its just cool to have a little hangout where we can chat outside the restrictions of a forum structure.

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