And I mean when I joined no one else was on, and I don't necessarily hate chat rooms, I just have gotten harassed when I have been on them in the past.
Well this chat is pretty dead I am the only one on it lol, but even if it had more people it would only be people from here so they are unlikely to bother you. I would ban any troublemakers anyway plus thre is an ignore functon too.
That's a great idea. @Nintenyearold I'm pretty sure you can find a Nintendo trivia bot script for IRC.
I will do that sort of stuff when we have a few more people hanging in the chat more regularly. I am on my own in there most of the time so there is no point in me making any extra effort. The way chats like this grow is by people idling basically, the more people that idle on the chat the more activity there will be on it. So if you come on just keep the tab open in your browser and lets see if we can make a go of the chatroom.
Hello! It's Andy again!
(no, that is not my real name, not even the letter it starts with)
I can join the chat for a bit.
@iceskater101- People can be the worst sometimes. Yet, they can be the best other times. Ain't life funny?
People coming on for two minutes, saying hello and leaving is exactly what wont help the chat. Dont expect an instant response when you say hi especially when I am the only person on.
Sorry I've been inactive. Was busy.

I will post more suggestions soon. I really do think that this forum has potential to succeed.
A chat/shout area could be fun, sure, so long as folks conduct themselves with respect and act right. Could easily enough be 'monitored' for such things...