Does anyone have a place where they buy games online?


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Jan 29, 2014
I'm looking for a place where I can buy Nintendo 64-NES-SNES-Wii games online. Specifically, Mario Kart for 64 right now but I usually have a list.

It's especially tough finding places that reasonably price these things. I've been looking at a lot of thrift stores for my NES games for YEARS but the issue nowadays is I find them few and far between. I feel like I need some online options that I have not been exploring.
Any suggestions?
I guess ebay is an answer.
You can find all sorts of games on ebay.

I never really had experience with other sites since I'm a paranoid person and don't wanna get scammed.
eBay is absolutely an option but I guess I should have been more specific. I was looking for a place that specializes in retro gaming with reasonable pricing. Something akin to Mile High Comics but for obsolete consoles/games.
Okay, I googled and found this:

But most users say that Amazon is the best place to buy retro games and consoles since they also sell used and refurbished ones. :)

Good luck, and please remember I have no experience in buying from these sites, I just found them through google ;)
lol Thanks. Before I read your disclaimer I was going to blindly dump all my money into these sites. :rolleyes:

But, seriously, thanks for trying to help. I was hoping someone might have had a good experience or two with a site I could check out.
I use a site called listia. If you want I cna PM you my referral link. you get 250 or 500 starter credits. I get games under the FREE shipping. It's an auction site like ebay. but without the cash. just credits are used. Plus you can earn credits by doing surveys and watching videos or selling stuff you don't want.
Thanks for the Listia info. I checked it out. Not the best place for N64 games but definitely a place to check out NDS games. They seem to have a pretty thorough list. Have yet to heck on the NES. That's next on my list.
I do get N64 games there. Would you like my referral link?
I'm aware that they're there, my issue is that the items being offered seem to be lacking a bit. From what I looked through there was not much more offered at Listia than there was offered at eBay. In fact, I may venture, eBay has a larger range of listings.
You cam buy used or some new games on either Amazon or Ebay. I mostly buy used games on Amazon because it has variety of games to choose from. Also, you can purchase games from third-party just like Ebay. I don't normally buy things from Ebay because of trust issues. I have found Amazon is very good and responsible for their customers.
Here are a couple - but I have no actual experience with them so there is that.

The first two listed probably won't be too helpful, but the rest are all about retro gaming and seem to be at least somewhat established. The one that are in bold and huge lettering seem like the ones of most interest to you. So cheers!
Listia is just four years old. But you don't need to spend money. I got tons of NES,SNES,N64,GameCube & Wii games there. and not a penny spent.
Esperahol said:
Here are a couple - but I have no actual experience with them so there is that.

The first two listed probably won't be too helpful, but the rest are all about retro gaming and seem to be at least somewhat established. The one that are in bold and huge lettering seem like the ones of most interest to you. So cheers!
Fantastic. I bought from dkoldies before and they were great. I believe there was a deal with them that shipping was free and I love when shipping is not something I want to take into account when I buy retro games. I'll run through the others.

@NintendoCosmos: I noticed you don't have to spend a dime, that is unless you want to be a verified user/seller. If so you would have to pay a dollar. Either way there is a lot that goes into that place. The bidding thing is something I try to avoid even on eBay. I prefer the BIN option or the GIN option for Listia. The GIN on Listia is a tad "expensive" in points.
You don't have to pay anything to be a verified user. you just need your address verified so they know that you won't scam other users. 2,500 points on listia is 5.00 But getting points for liking an auction on facebook every day is 25 to 26 points. 4 days will get you 100 points. place you can get points for videos and doing surveys. also you can sell game guides that you can send through email. Listia has help me grow my game collection t this day. I just made 300 credits today already and I just woke up.
Not the situation I ran into. In order to earn a verification badge the alerts alerted me to attaching a bank card or Paypal. Which they say I can only do by making a dollar purchase.
Like I said, it's not bad but it does take time to get to the numbers you can compete with. You made three hundred point today but what is that equal to? I believe every hundred is valued at twenty cents or so. It takes time to get the points to a competitive place.
You don't have to put in a credit card or a paypal account. I never did. and in order to get your address verified. you need to put in your address so listia can prove that it's a real address. you don't need to spend a penny to get approved for you verified address. also another good site will be I got tons of Nintendo games there. Bought I only bought NES games.
I should be more specific: There's a badge that states you are 'credit card/bank account verified'. In doing that it seemed like more people were willing to work with you. Otherwise, it's pretty good. The bidding can get crazily astronomical but, you are correct, no money is necessary. Just your time, I guess.

What do you mean by 'liking' a listing? The only 'like' option I see has to do with Facebook and I see no point exchange on that. The only ways I see large points accruing is with video/survey options. Otherwise, I get maybe 10 points for check in or 2 for a bid...etc. Missing something?
I generally find a multitude of games in local stores. As a matter of fact, I don't think I have ever ordered a game online.
I always go to Amazon when I am looking for games for older consoles. I usually can find what I want in decent condition and for a good price. I also tend to trust Amazon a bit more than Ebay.
A good store is Genki Video Games ( but they stock Japanese imports only. Prices are good and they are usually well stocked up for all systems. Service is excellent and the staff is very approachable if you have any queries. They are UK-based and you have to keep in mind that the British Pound is a strong currency. I also used Play-Asia in the past, but their prices for retro games have gone up the roof over the last 18 months.

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