Does anyone have a place where they buy games online?

Well it pains me to say it, but Ebay is probably your best option here. The only reason I say that is just because my personal experience with the site is less than pleasant, but I am sure that it is easier for most people. I probably just have bad luck, but whatever. You can usually find some pretty good deals there, though, but just make sure that you do your research on the seller and make sure they are legit. Thanks for sharing and good luck.
I guess ebay is an answer.
You can find all sorts of games on ebay.

I never really had experience with other sites since I'm a paranoid person and don't wanna get scammed.

I had a bad experience with ebay in the past a few times. I bought some old games I was trying collect, and never received them so ebay is never an option for me. I always use Amazon, or game stop. I wonder why many people have problems with ebay and many don't and then many people have problems with amazon, and then many don't.

I always get my games from Amazing, and I just go to game stop to pick up my order sometimes.
^ I check the sellers rating. Read the description. Price match and then I read their reviews for at least the past month and look at the percentage of neutral and negative reviews within that time span. Buyers are also much more protected than sellers now anyway. I posted Gamegavel above and it's much better than Ebay.
Steam, eShop, and HumbleBundle. Otherwise I don't really "buy" games online.
Well dude, you may understand that those games are not being produced anymore, therefore, the only way you can get them is buying them from somebody else, since that's the only thing you can do then you should visit the Ebay site, it's the best site for you when it comes to that kind of games which are generally old and descontinued.
I know everyone has said eBay already, but I feel like I have to give another vote for that. I had a great experience buying games there. Recently, I bought a NES and two games (Link to the Past and Battleship) and they work greatly. Just try to look for the reviews given by other buyers. There are a couple of people who constantly sell the games, so you can find reliable vendors.

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