Does anyone still use Wii Fit?


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Feb 5, 2013
I remember when the Wii first came out and it seemed like everybody and their mother (actually...mostly their mothers, lol) wanted one for the Wii Fit exercise tools. They were so excited to be able to work out in front of the TV and then have it automatically log everything for them.

It was no time at all before they were all over Craigslist and Ebay, though. I saw them at yard sales the following season a lot, too, haha.

So did any of you (or your mothers) have a Wii Fit, barely use it, and then get rid of it again?
Yes, totally! My mother (you're right about that) bought a Wii Fit just to try and get in better shape, with minimal effort (i.e. we're still staying in the living room, and it's a video game). However, after awhile, she did get bored of it, and just stopped using it, much like a gym membership. I think it's still sitting in our Wii game pile collecting dust.
Yeah I remember my brother hounded my parents for one. Used it maybe twice and never again. We ended up selling the wii fit with our wii and all of the games. Sadly we ddin't get much for them but that's okay. Honestly aside from handhelds the Wii may very well have been the last Nintendo console I'll ever buy. The Wii-U i have a feeling will end up the same way as it's predecessor and now they got "Wii-U-Fit." Give me a break......enough is enough with all these stupid gimmicks.
There is still a Wii Fit board in my household. My mother has always struggled with her weight, and so the Wii Fit seemed to be the perfect solution. It meant that she wouldn't have to waste money and sign up for those weekly weight loss classes, and she could get a reading on her weight whenever she wanted to. However, the excitement soon died down. I'm not sure why though. But the Wii Fit still remains in our living room, with the sensor on top of the television lol.
However, the excitement soon died down. I'm not sure why though. But the Wii Fit still remains in our living room, with the sensor on top of the television lol.
I think that's what happened with a lot of people. While the idea was exciting, in the end, it *is* still working out. There's only so long that the fun portion can last and the motivation fades away again.
I still have mine, it actually works fairly well with Punch Out! however the reason I bought it was for my Wife who never uses it. I wish I would have gotten rid of it when it was worth something. I don't see Nintendo supporting it anymore.
I didn't buy into it because I knew Nintendo was infamous for gimmicks like these. They are the lords of useless accessories. Usually these extra items are only good for a while when you first use them, and like you said, when the charm wears off the next reasonable step could only be posting it on eBay and Craigslist.
Yeah I still use my Wii fit. I use it as a book shelf now it seems to be pretty sturdy. But I rarely use it infact the last time I used it was 2 years ago.
joshAnthony said:
Yeah I still use my Wii fit. I use it as a book shelf now it seems to be pretty sturdy. But I rarely use it infact the last time I used it was 2 years ago.
haha ouch, thats quite the burn :D. But sadly it is quite accurate for most people. Like many gimmicks it is not needed and therefore only "fun" for a while.
I still have mine, but sadly I don't use it anymore. I just couldn't keep myself motivated enough to do it every day. Also when I get on the darn thing, the game makes fun of me lol. But seriously, I just think that if the game itself were a bit more interesting, I may have been motivated to use it more but sadly that was just not the case.
I used it for about 2 months, disnt do me any good. So I just run and go to the gym everyday.
I use to use my Wii fit. Eventually it got very boring as I basically done everything possible with the Wii Fit board. Now it is just collecting dust in the corner hoping to be reused again. I hope Nintendo releases a game that would benefit more from the board because I enjoyed it when it first released. Swaying back and forth is and barely moving around is not my cup of tea for this. Sorry :/
I use it but not as my regular routine. I use it to change things up when I get bored of my workout videos.

I enjoy the rhythm boxing the most and then some of the other aerobic games as well. I'd like to find more games for working out. A friend gave me a Jillian Michaels and/or Biggest Loser type games but I havent checked them out yet.
Sure. I mostly use as a way to get my kid brother to do some quick cardio or burn off some energy. That said it does work very well as a scale and a way to monitor my BMI. It also comes in handy when it's too rainy or cold for me to bother dashing across the street to the park.
I think that the Wii Fit became a 'mum game' which parents like to play because it's not really a game. I don't use mine on regular basis but like with all Wii games, they're pretty fun for parties so I do take it out every now and then for a laugh with friends.
I indeed did get a Wii Fit board as well. It was fun to play for the first month, then it got boring. I still have it laying around gathering dust somewhere in my house. It was a good concept to put in some exercise activity during the day, but not to actually lose weight by itself.
haha, it is amusing how common this story is. I had thought of getting a Wii Fit as regular exercise can sometimes be boring. Part of my routine is just me jumping in place anyways...
I suppose if someone gets it in order to motivate them to exercise more, that it is not very effective. But does it at least make anyone's exercise routine more interesing?
When I first got the original Wii Fit, I was on it daily. I never missed a day for several months. I made a conscience effort to be on it every day. However, that's when my job started to send me to places. I went to Washington D.C. (even went into the White House), Seattle, Sacramento, Las Vegas, etc.. And those were fun times. However, I purposely chose not to take my Wii with me on those trips. So, that's when I started missing some time on it. And some significant time at that too. Like, I was in Seattle for 6 weeks. Sacramento for 4 weeks. Las Vegas and Washington D.C. for 2 weeks, each. etc... I took all of these trips, within a year and a half span. So I ended up missing chunks of Wii Fit time, as well as gaming in general. When I returned from the trips, I'd be too tired to get on Wii Fit, and I figured, well, I missed a month already, what's one more day. However, I would eventually get right back on track.

But then, also because of these trips, I missed out on game time too. So I started forgoing my Wii Fit workouts to catch up on some games that were either in my backlog, or, that were just coming out that I wanted to get. So I got more and more focused on those games. Tho, I'd still jump on Wii Fit every now and then, but it wasn't daily. But only because I didn't have the time for it. Well, I mean, I did, but I preferred to catch up on my gaming instead.

Then Wii Fit Plus came out, and I got that too. However, I didn't play it nearly as much as I did the original Wii Fit. I had a regular routine with it too. It wasn't a daily routine, but still regular. At least 2 or 3 times a weeks. At first. After a while, there are just so many more games that just keep coming and coming and coming, that it's easy to fall behind on games, and want to play those instead.

Now, Wii Fit U is out. And this time, with a Wii Fit Meter. Also, this time around, I now have a goal to beat all of my games for my system. Currently I'm not that track with the Wii U and 3DS, as those are the first systems that I started this campaign with. So, I'm mostly caught up on my games. Which mean, instead of playing games that I haven't played during the 'gaming droughts', I'll have more time to go back and replay games, get 100% on previously beaten games, or, play Wii Fit U. So, being caught up on my games is an advantage for me. I mean, I plan on restarting my daily routine with the Wii Fit U, which I've already started. Haven't missed a day yet. However, I can never predict the future, but I do know that I won't be able to do the daily routine every single day. There will come a day where I will start to miss some time here and there. Tho now, I'm more prepared for it. Also, having the Wii Fit Meter on me constantly will be a constant reminder for me to at least boot up the game daily, if nothing else. To at least transfer that data over daily. Only takes a few moments to turn it on and transfer the data. So that should help out with progress on the game too.

When it comes to other people.. most people I know have either given up on it all together, or moved onto the other workout games, besides Wii Fit, like the Zumba workout and other Wii workout titles. Or, they've moved on to the Kinect workout games, so they can move freely without the Wii balance board in their way. So yeah, I still know a lot of people who still play games to work out. Most just don't use Wii Fit much anymore because it's the same routines, and they have more options elsewhere.

However, that said, most of those same people are excited for Wii Fit U. They have the demo, and bought the Fit Meter, and are enjoying. So yeah, they still are playing it. Overall, there are less people I know using it now than when Wii Fit first came out. But yeah, there are still a lot of people I know who love Wii Fit and still use it.
I'm currently trying to get it back to daily usage. I find the condescending jerk text telling me it's been a while since it has seen me encouraging. Actually, my biggest issue with using it is the fact that I do not have a battery pack and have to use four AA batteries when I want to use it. Seems wasteful. I've been considering getting a rechargeable battery pack but it seems like the technology is becoming more and more obsolete.
I played it once with a friend and then never again. I never owned a wii and I don't see it as an excuse to not work out. You still should go to the gym not use wii fit.