Does anyone still use Wii Fit?

I stopped using it a while back. It seemed pretty cool at the time, but if I was playing video games to exercise; I would simply pick another form of exercise. Video games provide down time for me to relax and enjoy. I see nothing wrong with using the Wii Fit; however, that's just my personal preferance.
For myself it is a tad remniscent of owning a tredmill. You COULD go outside and enjoy the ambiance of a run but it's twenty below and your neighbourhood is like the one in The Wire. might just want to run inside for a while until things start to look up a bit. Really the reason I still use it so often are my god kids. It's a way to help keep them active in the treacherous winter months when basketball would be a smidge more difficult.
I prefer Sonc and Mario at the Olympic games to Wii fit.

I swear, I've never had so much pain in my muscles like after playing that game! Awesome times! :D
I really have to agree with you, averus. I love that game. The original, I mean. For some reason I especially loved that ridiculous trampoline game. It drove me crazy! So many button combos and twists. Loved it.
Yeah I would much rather play Wii U sports or regular Wii Sports because man playing wii sports boxing? My arms get tired pretty fast
It's new been 20 below where I live :D There is absoultely no reason; where I live, to not exercise if that's what I want to do. When I play games it's for the express purpose of relaxing and being lazy.
^ Wow lucky come to where I live and you can get -15 weather YAY! I usually just go to the gym though if it's going to be like that. When the weather does get nice here, I want to learn how to rollerblade.

Anyway, instead of wii fit I would much prefer to go to an actual gym.
Wii Fit is one of those gimicky games or game controllers: it has its charm for a while, but you eventually get bored of it. I bought my Wii Fit because it came bundled with the Wii at a very appealing price, and it fit right into my budget. The first few days, I was very productive with the Wii Fit, and even set this timetable up to play a bit everyday to keep myself in shape. However, just a week later, I grew completely bored of it, and stopped playing altogether. The balance mat is now lying around my house somewhere, probably housing a lot of dust bunnies.
I've never owned it, but I've played it at a friends and if I did own it I'd never play it lol.
I still use wii fit. I think it was the best thing that ever came out on the wii. I remember when I had first gotten that game and my whole family used to play it for hours and hours. We used to actually have competitions against each other. It really is a good game and I still play it rather frequently.
Yeah I still like to use it at times but right now I am really willing to sell it to the highest bidder. Honestly I really do not even play it anymore.
No unfortunately I stopped playing a while ago. It was fun when I first bought it, but it lost it's charm after a while. The minigames were pretty cute and fun but only satisfied me for so long. I eventually took up running and replaced it.
Not me, it's still sitting mournfully in my cabinet. I played it a couple times with my sister and a friend, and to be honest I kind of had fun. Wii fit just isn't a replacement for the gym or jog, it just isn't rigorous enough. I have more fun jogging on the bikepath and doing pushups than doing Wii Fit, but it's a nice little demo of what the Wii can do in terms of motion sensing.
Both my mother and grandmother bought one. They both agreed that: "Wow. We're going to be getting into shape in no time. Finally, there's a way for us to work out and have fun with it!"

Of course, they have their health kicks every now and again, but it's mostly unused by them. So, when I'm on my health kicks, I use it along with my boyfriend. He's in love with some of the strength workouts on there and the aerobic games. Personally, I love the Karate game and the yoga on the Wii Fit Plus.
I prefer Sonc and Mario at the Olympic games to Wii fit.

I swear, I've never had so much pain in my muscles like after playing that game! Awesome times! :D

Trust me when you play that game you honestly do get a workout. Sometimes when I just need to work up a good sweat I just pop this game in and I am almost guaranteed a good sweat.
My wife and I bought a Wii Fit and we both seemed to enjoy some of the workouts. Sadly, Nintendo did not warn me ahead of time that my size 15 shoes would not fit properly on the Wii Balance Board. I tried to use it, but it seemed like all the workouts and statistics were skewed by the fact that I could not balance my weight evenly on the board. We also bought the Wii Active (with the resistance bands) but I never really enjoyed it either.

It was much easier to lay on the couch and flick the nunchuck while playing MLB 2K11 baseball!
We have that for the Wii still and no one in my family uses it anymore. When we first got it, it seemed like everyone in my family was fighting to use it. It was fun because you could get in shape and it was fun at the same time. I'm sure that's why the Wii Fit was so popular. It was good because for people like me who don't like working out. It was just another way that I would be able to get fit, while having fun. It's too bad that we don't use it anymore, I'm sure that it would still be fun to use.

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