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Dreek Lass

Mar 12, 2013
This might be a hard question for people who game on their PC's all of the time, but what is the best PC game that you have ever played? It can't be a game that belongs on another console, that you have emulated on the PC. It has to be a PC game.

I would have to say that my favorite game on the PC has to be CSI Hard Evidence, followed closely by Silent Hill.
I guess for me it'd be WoW and Guild Wars 2. I played WoW for 7 years so I had to have liked something about it, right? It was mostly the people who kept bringing me back for so many years, though. Then beyond that, I did really like GW2 when it came out, but then I didn't have time to play it any more, so I stopped and haven't been back. :(
If you're asking about favorite game, I would say League of Legends, which I posted about in the other thread. If you're asking about best game, I'd say Diablo 3.
If you're really interested in hearing about what I have to say for League of Legends, I suggest you read my thread.
I think Diablo 3 is the best PC game I've ever played because I just love the interface, graphics, and marketplace. Diablo 3 has a really unique marketplace, I'd say the first of its kind, giving players the option to sell/buy items for gold or real money through PayPal. Some would say this is unfair, but if you really think about it you could make money off selling items on Diablo 3.
The answer to this one would be rather easy for me. I'd have to say World of Warcraft. Nothing quite beats the fun it gives me month after month. Sure, some might say the experience is repetitive, and sure, it might be at time, but Blizzard is great at keeping their customers satisfied, and I'm still paying every month, so clearly I'm still enjoying it.
I think Valve games occupy my TOP 10. Half Life changed my view on video-games. Left 4 Dead is, to the day THE best zombie game out there in my opinion. Portal and Portal 2 were groundbreaking games, and well, Team Fortress 2 is by far, one of the best Online Multiplayers, very addictive and definetely not for casual gamers.
Hmm this is a tough one. I'd probably have to say Phantasy Star Online 2 is my favorite PC game at the moment. :) I have to settle for playing the Japanese version right now but it's a really awesome MMORPG that I can't wait to get to the west. :)
I'd have to say Sims. I don't think that was imported onto consoles, was it? I do think it originated in PCs though so hopefully it counts. I got terribly addicted to that game when it first came out and I didn't even know why. Even as I played it I knew how insanely silly it was but I guess it was a big part of the charm of it.
My favorite PC games are Final Fantasy 7 & 8, Assassin's Creed series and Tomb Raider (reboot) series.

It's a shame that only FF7 and 8 have been released for the PC (except for the MMOs) :(
Well, about the only ones I have played are the first person shooter games, Doom and Blakestone, and the Diablo games. I have to say I love the Diablo games. I did not know there was a Silent Hill game for PC. I have seen it played on, I think , it was a Playstation. It looked really fun and I wouldn't mind actually trying it. I don't do a lot of computer games because I tend to prefer playing the Nintendo systems. Hard core LoZ fan. :)
Either League of Legends or Hearthstone. I don't play much else on the PC lol. I used to play a lot of GTA on PC which I loved, but not as much anymore. I also really used to love The Sims, but it's too expensive to keep up with all the expansions.
I have to mention a couple more games, since I haven't mentioned them before.

Psychonauts is fantastic! I think it was the most creative game I've ever played.
The Last Remnant and Beyond Good and Evil are also awesome games! I'd recommend them to anyone!
I remember back in the 1980's. My friend had 5 Computers that use the old floppy disks. The ones that were really floppy. And we used to play these games. And there were ton of them that i liked. But i don't know the name of them. The room the PC's were in. Was a rectangle room. With the two long parts of the room that had the PC's. And at the end of the room was a tv with the NES hooked up to it. Every winter. A whole group of our friends will just stay down there the whole day and just game. These were the days before the internet and High speed cable where you can now get 400 channels. If we needed help with a game for the PC or the NES, we will read PC Magazines and Nintendo Power. There is this one game I can slightly remember. It was a golf game. where you have so man puts you can make into the whole. and each level has this magician floating in the air that will give you extra puts. I took a long shot in the course and the ball went flying all over the place and I hit the magician and got a whole in one. that was the best shot I had in the game. I don't know what the name of the game is. and I haven't seen my friend in over 14 years. He used to live across the street from me.
I mainly Play Terraria on PC.

But I would have to Say Terraria and DayZ.
It's a strong tie between Knights of the Old Republic II and Fallout: New Vegas. I've played unholy amounts of both and ironically enough they are both made by Obsidian Entertainment..
My favorite PC games came out during the MS-DOS days. Have plenty of fond memories, particularly the Sierra On-Line adventure games that were just brilliant. I'd have to go for either Space Quest III or Police Quest 2, both were equally good and it's hard to choose which was better. Perhaps I'll go with Police Quest 2 since it got pretty intense near the end and truly felt like a crime thriller.
I'm fairly new to PC gaming, but when I stumbled across mmo's, I knew I'd found my niche. I started with World of Warcraft. The game is set in an enormous world full of diverse lands and cultures; truly an experience to beheld. I played WoW for a few years, during which I gained a feel for how mmo's operate. Then, my uncle introduced me to Everquest 2. It may lack the vivid cinematic movie aspect that Blizzard has mastered, but it excels at content, character builds, raid and raid strategy, and shear number of quests. I've been a loyal connoisseur of the game for 4 years now. Definitely my favorite PC game.
I couldn't possibly come up with a single favorite PC game, but I love sims and RTS and both genres are best enjoyed on (and mostly developed for) PC... Games like Company of Heroes, Total War series, Age of Empires, Empire Earth on the RTS side and Football Manager, SimTower (old school!), RollerCoaster Tycoon, Prison Architect, Democracy, etc... on the simulation side.

Other than that, two of my all-time favorite games are also PC games: Killing Floor and Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (and expansions).
The former is a co-op wave-based FPS where you pick a class and kill zombie-like monsters with a team of up to 6 players and earn money to buy weapons and gear. It's a very gratifying FPS with that progression a la RPG with such a unique take on the concept and very addictive and fun gameplay and mechanics. The sequel is currently on Early Access and it's everything any long-time fan wanted the sequel to be.
The latter is the prequel to the now-notorious ARMA series, and in my opinion, much more fun and engaging than its successors (not that they're not amazing games, mind you). Despite being quite dated by now (it was released on the year 2000 and the expansions on 2001, if I'm not mistaken) it still holds up quite well and it's still unique enough that playing it is an absolute blast. It's also very remarkable how much the modding community is alive and well even today. I made scripts and worked on a mod team in 2004 or so and it's amazing seeing the same people still releasing stuff 11 years later. The campaign for the Resistance expansions is still one of my fondest gaming memories and was way ahead of its time; there's games still trying to do the same thing poorly compared to this low-budget game from over a decade ago. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone with a PC and even mild interest in video-games, but especially to the types who enjoy building, like Minecraft/Terraria players. The map editor on this game is also to this day a concept unheard of in FPS/tactical shooter games.
Tough question. I have quite a few games that would certainly make my list for sure:

Command & Conquer series
Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition (yes, this specific game, not the series, although the series is still going strong)
Jazz Jackrabbit

And also a lesser known "quake" clone made for a cereal advertisement... I introduce, CHEX QUEST.

@Unlisted_Number I absolutely loved Jazz Jackrabbit. If I'm not mistaken, Cliff Blezinski of Gears of War fame worked on this game. It's a really solid title and I love how they managed to replicate some of that Sonic the Hedgehog magic. During that time, PCs didn't have a lot of good platforming games but a few did come out of the woodwork such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Rick Dangerous, Gods, Zool, Commander Keen, Dangerous Dave and the early Duke Nukem titles.
I don't have any one favorite myself. I liked Quest for Glory 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, which, I still have those, can still play them using a MS DOS emulator like DosBox. Then theres Dungeon Master 1 and 2, and Stonekeep.

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