First NES game you played?


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May 7, 2014
Was either Duck Hunt or Super Mario Bros. for me. I don't remember lol. It was too long ago. What about you?
Super Mario Bros.
I played it until I hated it! :D
Imagine a 6 or 7yr old boy and his mom playing Super Mario Bros until late in the night.
We didn't have no internet back then, so we revealed all the secrets (1UPs, warp zones etc.) spontaneously! :D

Thinking back to those days, I wish I was still that little boy, and my mom would play SMB with me again :)

After that, I played Metroid, while mom and my sister played Tetris and Mario 2. I was the first who beat Mario 2 even though I started playing a couple of weeks after them :D I was so proud haha
Well, I think because the system came with those titles it was hard NOT to have them be your first games played. I suppose someone who first played NES with an emulator might have a completely different response.

Mario was the first for me. The second was Yoshi, the Tetris-style game. I loved that one.
For me, it was Kung Fu (that was back in the mid 80s). In fact, that was the only game I had for a while until my mom got me Rad Racer. And it took a couple more years before I got a hold of Super Mario Bros. So I was pretty late in getting to play that one.
I could be wrong, but the first game that I played on the NES was Duck Hunt. My dad was very big on collecting games and consoles and would get not only the game, but any accessories needed for it -- such as the guns for Duck Hunt, the wheel and break peddle for Taxi, and more!
That would have to be Duck Hunt. Some of my first ever video game memories were on the NES, even though it came out 10 years before I was born. That game was so fun, but that dog was really annoying. :p
I'm in the minority, as the first NES games I ever had the pleasure of playing wasn't on the Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt cartridge included with the system.

Instead, the honours went to playing Ghosts 'N Ghouls, Ninja Gaiden, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at a cousin's house! (I cannot remember which was technically the first--I was very young and it was decades ago!)

Fortunately, I was able to see past those three games' infamous difficulty and appreciate their awesomeness--leading to a NES of my own soon after! ;)
The first game I ever played was tmnt 2. It was the one where you'd walk around outside and it wasn't fun until you went into a tunnel to fight the foot soldiers or the boss. I think it was based on the comics rather than the cartoon that was out at the time. It was fun for me when I was a kid. It was so long ago that it could've been Mario or the track game that came with it that was my first but this is the first one I actually remember playing.
My first game was Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros, but I did not get to play them immediately after the NES hit the market. My mom and dad put the system in layaway at Wal-Mart for my sister and me (without us knowing), and they paid on it for 2 or 3 months before surprising us. I will never forget my mom jumping out of her chair every time she pushed the A button. Great memories!
It was around 1987-1988...can't quite remember the exact year. The first bunch of NES consoles were imported into South African hobby and toy stores. The Sega Master System was already available and enjoying significant popularity among a blossoming gaming community. We heard how popular the NES was in the States and we wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Plenty of young gamers congregated at the NES demo kiosks at toy stores around the country. This is where I also got to first try out the NES by playing Super Mario Bros, it was quite the experience.
The first NES game that I played was Super Mario Brothers. Super Mario Bros. was the game that originally brought me into video games. When I first played the game, I was amazed by how fun the game was even though the concept was very simple: run across the stage and dodge hazards. I even remember trying to beat a certain level and almost throwing my controller! But in the end, I was able to beat that stage and a feeling of triumph overcame me. Super Mario Brothers was a great start to my love for video games!
Back then when it first came out, most parent would only buy maybe one extra game, cause they already shelled out a lot of money for this thing. So my guess would be probably Super Mario, Duck Hunt, and then Contra. Those were the big one back then. And yes the most famous cheat code to get 50 lives was born.
My NES actually didn't come with Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, so that wasn't the first game I ever played. For some reason, my console wasn't bundled with any games, so I ended up choosing the golden cartridge of awesomeness that is The Legend of Zelda!
It would be Mega Man. I watched my uncle play it around 1997, and it was the first contact I ever had with games. I would watch him play the whole day. I was impressed by the level of difficulty the game would present, and how you would lose everything if you died a certain number of times. Even though it was hard and I wouldn't get to play much, I loved it. And then, when I first played it, I felt great, because I learned to play it just by watching, and my coordination was pretty good for a 4-5 years old boy who never touched a gamepad before.

To this day I'm still a fan of the Mega Man series, from NES games to the next-to-release spiritual successor Mighty Nº9. And also in love with games in general.
Mine was Super Mario Bros, but I haven't really played much else. I started playing Mega Man with the WiiU virtual console and well, this is the results.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! My parents weren't going to get a NES but happened to win one in a grocery store raffle, and it came with TMNT. I was very young at the time, maybe 4 or 5, and I remember my dad playing the game late into the night . Of course, he let me have a spin on it once in a while ;) After he beat the game and got it out of his system, the NES passed to me in full and my game library expanded quite a lot thanks to the secondhand game store in our neighborhood. Ah, those were the days...
Mario bros & Duck and Hunt. Spend a lot of fun with this 2 great titles at that time. :D.
Mine was Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt with the Grey Zapper and two NES controllers. And I still have them after all these years, since the 1980's.
I believe mine was the original SMB.

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