First NES game you played?

Popeye is a fun game indeed. My uncle has the Arcade version in his house. I think the first game I ever played on the NES could have been Commando..the neighborhood kid had both that Super Mario Bros and Kung Fu. That experience of playing it made me buy one a month later. My Atari 2600 didn't get much attention after I hooked it up. Lol!
The Atari 2600! That's going to bring back a lot of memories for people I would have thought.

Aswell as all the games were talking about that we used to play, I think it'd fair to say that the NES was probably the very start of console gaming as we know it, well, it was in my household anyway!
My very first NES game was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,the old side-scroller. My brother and I would play for hours. We also fought over who got to be which turtle, we both liked Raphael the best and had to take turns playing as him, which neither of us wanted to do. We also played a lot of F-Zero, the racing game. Man that was fun! I loved all the crazy colors and the music. I miss that game :(
The side scrolling games are a thing of the past these days it seems unfortunately, when back in the day it was pretty much all we had.

While it's always nice to remember games as they used to be, imagine if we paid $60 for a game now and it was a side scroller! I'd be mortified and definitely be sending it back!
It was about year 2015. In 80´s we dont had it because there was a comunism in the Europe. My siblings did not had consoles. BUT, in 2015 one sibling gave me an "Emulator" of NES. The games were in it, so i did not have to use cartriges. The first game I ever played was PAC-MAN. Best game ever.
This might sound weird, but I’m relatively new to the NES, I grew up using computers for gaming. Saying that I recently bought a NES with a stack of games and before that a NES mini. My first game would probably have been a Turtles game. But I recently did a top twenty five of my personal favourites since owing this 8bit wonder. A lot of games I couldn’t afford to collect, so emulation has really helped me play lots of NES games I wouldn’t normally have had access to.

I’ll share here if anyone is interested.

My Top 25 NES Games
Definitely SMB, in '87, the year I was bought the console for Xmas. As basic as it looks, nowadays, SMB was a huge upgrade on Q*bert, on the 2600. I remember my ol' man couldn't believe it, the first time I walked across the top of the level, off screen.
I'm surprised by how few posts there are in this thread. My first was SMB and duck hunt. Grandma loved duck hunt. That was about the only game I ever saw her play. To this day almost 30 years later I still haven't beaten 8-4. The princes is still stuck.

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