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cookiemonster16 said:
I am more into Candy Crush, but I have to admit curiosity got the best of me and I ended up downloading this game before it was taken down. At first I found this game addicting and then it got on my nerves because every time I said I'll play just one more time it turned into countless times. My high score right now stands at 31 but my patience is at zero, haha!
I personally like flappy bird more than candy crush because i only have x amount of money, but both are insanely addicting.
I really enjoy this game. It reminds me of the old arcade games where you literally just do one thing for an extended period of time, and play just to get the high score. The fact that they used the layout of the Mario games just gave it that extra level of awesomeness. I didn't get a chance to play it before they took it down, which kinda bummed me out. But then I realized the apk could be found everywhere, so I feel bad for anybody who really paid an arm and a leg for a device that had it installed.
In the beginning I really had no idea what it was hearing a bunch of loud beeps on the back of the bus, then when I found out I really didn't care until it was gone off the stores. I think it was the exact day it was taken off I had finally decided to get it. I have an Android so I just downloaded an apk and to this day I don't see why it was so incredibly popular or why people think it's so incredibly hard. Ironically, I just have it sitting on my phone still. I don't even understand why I keep it myself.
So i went to this place like Chucky chesse whee you get play games and win prizes. One of the games you could win tickets from (this place uses tickets) was flappy Birds yea. Everybody was like OMG FLAPPY BIRDS WHO HAS THE HIGH SCORE i want my initials in the machine. I wanted to go home and bury my face in my ipad. it was like a weird episode the twilight zone. I was with those people O.O (X_x)
oh yea they took all the saga games off the app store just so you guys who like those games, I would not delete it if i were you. I bought bejeweled so i thought they all were dumb
Never played this game exactly, but I've play plenty of clone like games of it in my forum's arcade. It can be fun but gets old pretty quickly.
I think it's fun. I find it immensely interesting how the most simplistic of ideas turns out to be the most addicting of games.
Flappy Bird represents the acceptance of low-quality games on mobile devices, in my opinion. I've played better designed and more entertaining games on old 8-bit computers.

However, I don't blame the creator of Flappy Bird. He even mentions in an interview that he developed the game over a weekend just for fun. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's the audience on mobile devices that need a wake up call and start becoming a little more discerning in what they're playing. They are part of the reason why so many mobile developers release atrociously bad games.
Ah this game was so frustrating :p I made like 9 points at maximum because I sucked at it. Still enjoyable but now I prefer 2048 to pass those little moments.
I hate to fire shots, but I refuse to play the game. A low quality game that makes someone rich, is just a fad to me.

With that being said, I do have sympathy for most indie developers. 90 percent of them try hard and get little reward

I don't hate the creator of flappy bird, but I do dislike the fad.
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