Games that stand the test of time


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Jan 29, 2014
Now, I don't mean the ones that hold your heart. Nostalgia & understanding of he limits of the system damage your opinion on the matter. I mean if you sat a kid today at 10 years old down to a game of _________ which would be the one this child would not talk garbage about & truly enjoy?

No Mario. Too easy.
Tetris hands down. Mario of course, but I have actually played my NES games with my 6 year old over the past few years and Tetris has been his favorite the whole time- mainly because he likes the SNES versions of Mario and Zelda better, and Tetris was easier for him on NES but, I cannot blame him!

NES game? probably Star Tropics if you are looking for something off beat. It is a game that will ever hold a place in my heart. From the yo-yo weapon to the creepy magic lady to Sub-C the game will forever be a classic.

Here is a little game play if you do not or have not heard of this game, enjoy! :)
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ZELDA.. all of them.. :) Those games are celebrated and iconic. You also have to mention Mario games. However one that is sad but true is Pokemon games. I would have never known this, but my 4 and 6 year old sons are into Pokemon so I thought I'd get them a few old games. WOW was I surprised to find several of those games sell for more used then new. CRAZY!
It has to be tetris. It's an old puzzle game that anyone can get into. A little kid could get into because of it's simplicity and addictive game play.
From My Childhood? A handful of names still stand up to that; Castlevania (while is has degraded over time it was nice to see their Foray into 3d, it wasn't too bad); Zelda is still kicking and flourishing, so there's that. You said no Mario, but Franchises like Mario and Tetris have been around forever and they are still kicking so they must be doing something right (not that I advocate for either mind you).

Obviously, cult classics and favorite RPGS (not necessarily NES mind you) will still stand the test of time down the road since their story does not change. This could be things like the sidescrolling epic Ghouls and Ghosts, or a widescale epic RPG such as Legend of Dragoon (PS1) or Final Fantasy franchise (starting on the NES). You can argue likes and dislikes after that, but if the games are still being mentioned even this far down in their life they must have been doing something right, no?

From newer age games, I will say MineCraft will stand the test of time, regardless of opinion. I've played it (along with many others I'm sure) on multiple different platforms. Even on a MODDED NES. Yes. It's doable. It just never gets old to voxel by voxel build your own kingdom. It's appealing to the young and old alike and it sales like a beast on multiple different platforms. Again, not necessarily NES specific, but there's very few franchises that can boast they are still kicking after all this time.
I have actually sat down my niece & nephew to play a few NES games, so I feel very qualified for this one.

Aside from the obvious answer (anything Mario), Mike Tyson's Punch-Out holds up very well. It is challenging, but approachable. Both boys & girls have fun playing it. It also has an awesome sequel to eventually show them too!
Indeed, I forgot all about MT's Punchout. And that music. Was catchy as heck. You wanted to you sing along!

Just like Viking Acapella Jesus, Smooth McGroove.

I really don't think any of them do, but if I had to pick one I would say the bomberman game. That's always fun and challenging no matter how many times you play it.
I'd still say Zelda stands the test of time. Regardless of the console it's for, if you bring up the name people know what you're talking about, and from when. Not just based on gameplay or actual coding; but more on fan-decision and bias, I'd select it. But so would a lot of other people as well, so I guess that's a testament to how well the games weathered the ol 'song of storms' (hehehe).

Another? Kirby probably has to be mentioned. Not only universally like by kids and most adult-kids (like myself) the various Kirby games are still often mentioned.
Indeed, I forgot all about MT's Punchout. And that music. Was catchy as heck. You wanted to you sing along!

Just like Viking Acapella Jesus, Smooth McGroove.

That is cool as hell. Alright, right back atcha!!

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While I'm not a big Tetris fan, I do understand why many folks here would consider it a timeless classic. It's one of those games that you can still play today without it feeling dated. The core mechanics are solid and it's just a deviously well-designed game. Personally I'd go with Contra and Mega Man, two of my favorites games on the NES that I still play to this very day.
Dr Mario and mega man are two games my kids can not beat me in and they don't dare talk smack to me about it. They are their top picks.

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