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Sep 19, 2012
Our site's growth has been progressing very nicely, with new Nintendo fans signing up almost every day. We are currently the #4 search result in Google for the phrase 'nintendo forums', which is awesome.

What we need now is to let more Nintendo fans know that we exist. If you are an active member of other Nintendo or gaming forums, please help us get the word out. Link to our site directly or to one of our discussions, put us in your signature, write about us on your blog, YouTube channel, tumblr, or reddit. Any time we get a new die-hard Nintendo fan as a member, it's a win.

For signatures on other forums, you can use the following code (works in vBulletin, IP Board, and most other forums)


The resulting signature will look like this:

Thank you guys for being with us. We have a lot of exciting stuff coming!
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I'm doing a lot on my end. I got 4 people that was visiting my site at the same time.
Is there a Facebook page I'm not aware of? That would certainly help with exposure. I'd have no problem liking it. Quick way to open it up to large groups of people. Unless that's too much on one plate at this point.
We do have Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts (the links are at the top of the page to the right of "View New Content), but I've been sort of neglecting them. At some point, we will probably promote one of our members to be the Social Media Manager. :)
iceskater101 that would be awesome! what's your tumblr page?
iceskater9200 is my tumblr page! Does this site have a tumblr? If so, you should follow me because I blog about animal crossing sometimes! :D
Lol nice cat photos. The forum doesn't have tumblr. We have a hard enough time keeping up with the accounts that we already have. :rolleyes:
I just invited one of my friends :) says he loves the site! Who wouldn't? Everyone is so friendly here!
I suggest making a Reddit & YT...
Yeah I would say the best way about advertising is having a facebook page, twitter, tumblr, pinterest anything!

That would get the word out there for sure!
Having those pages is one thing, but posting stuff that's actually interesting and will get likes/retweets and go viral is a whole different story. Are you trying to volunteer to be our social media manager, Mariah? :D
Haha I actually can.. lol I refuse to do twitter, but i could manage a facebook page or tumblr I think.
Alright, let's see how you do. Like the page, and I'll add you as a Promoter.
So like the page on facebook? And what does nintendo forums have? Pinterest? I mean I guess I can manage a twitter page if you really need me too.
We have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. Facebook might have the most followers, but it's whatever you're comfortable with really.
Cool, I like the facebook page. I really hate twitter which is why I don't have one but I can tweet for the forums if you would like.