Help us promote Nintendo Forums!

Cool. Like the page so I can add you!
Woah, you guys got bumped down almost all the way to second page for the phrase 'Nintendo Forums' :( Mind if I help out with SEO? That's where I shine most :D
@jelani435 Is that on Canadian Google or something? :p We're still #4 from what I see here.

Of course you're welcome to help with SEO.
Facebook WOULD be a good way to go; it's still king of the hill from what I understand. If you have a blogging site, you could list the forums as your home page too?
Yeah so I like the facebook page, I can also make a tumblr page for nintendo forums, but isn't there already one following me? I can also do twitter if you really really really really want me to.
@jelani435 Which SEO add-on did you mean? Your link just leads to a list of add-ons that were recently updated.

@iceskater101 I don't see you in the list of fans for some reason. I'll try to add you via email. I don't think we ever followed your tumblr page.
What about Instagram or Vine? Those are really big these days too
I don't have a smart phone otherwise I would have instagram. I swear I am liking the facebook page!
Yeah I liked the Facebook page. I don't go on my Tumblr much anymore. But yeah, Instagram and Vine are typically where people are at these days, along with Twitter. Personally, I favor Facebook and Instagram. Though I don't always have internet to post judging on how I don't have an iPhone nor a regular phone. I post with my tablet or a laptop
I promise I will tell EVERYONE to come here no sweat! I already told my sister and my dad and maybe they will be members here soon too! This place is gona be BIG!

woop! o_O
Yeah I don't have a phone so I can't really use instagram. I can try and make a tumblr page for nintendo forums if you want me too.
Online marketing is the key. You guys are obviously very good. One way of getting new visitors is by offering some goodies in the form of gaming credits/free downloads, etc.
No! You can't bribe them into it or "blackmail" them? I hate sites that say "JOIN THIS WEBSITE TO GET YOUR FREE REWARD!", or "JOIN THIS WEBSITE TO UNLOCK THE GAME!" They always seem so scummy to me. I think it's best just to meet people in real life and online and then just casually recommend the site. They will be more likely to try it if they don't feel pressured.
@Giri thanks for cathing that. I have corrected the code, please try it now.

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