How good is the Wii U?


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Apr 9, 2014
Everyday when I am reading my video game news I constantly see reports where they are saying that the WII U has to be the lowest selling video game console. I am wondering do you guys think that Nintendo made a bad decision when releasing the WII U or do you guys think that it is really a good console?
I would say that Nintendo could have waited a little until they had some more games out for the WiiU, and then release it. The WiiU in my opinion is a great console, and definitely does have some great potential. I think it's just not selling so much cause it has barely any games for it. But They are starting to redeem their console by soon to be releasing seemingly amazing games such as the new smash bros and a new Zelda game as well! By then, surely more people will start to want a WiiU because these said to be amazing new games. And if not, I still think the WiiU will slowing begin to get to a higher ranking in time, and people will actually appreciate it when it does. I would say, it's a great console. It was just released to soon to the public without barely any interest to it.
Yeah smash bros is definitely the best game that I have ever played on the Nintendo console. I liked the Zelda series of games as well I must say that I think that they are really a lot of fun to play.

I am thinking of getting one but like you say I see that it does not have a lot of games available for the console.
I want to get a Wii U, but I want to wait until all the good games are out, like Mario Kart 8, Smash 4, the new Zelda (not Hyrule Warriors), and Splatoon.
Maybe I'll get it when the new SF is released, which would probably be either 2015 or 2016.
at this point last year, id tell you to wait. but now, oh wow we are having so much fun with it. the deals are getting great, i bought MK8 and got Pikmin 3 for free.

it doesn't seem like it does much, but the little things like miiverse, the vc, the gamepad really add to it. Windwaker using the gamepad really added to the game

i could go on and on, but let me say i can't stress enough how fun MK8 is. they knocked it outta the park, and I'm sure Smash Bros will follow suit.

the only con is third party, i miss my wwe and ncaa
As someone who jumped on this out of the gate I have to say it's a great console - and unfortunately being a great console isn't always what is important. There have been many good consoles that simply never got caught the hype wave for whatever reason. I mean look at Sega and the Gamecube. That said the gamepad is used well when it's used and most of the games that have come down the pipeline have done well - and several have shone like diamonds. That said you have to decide if this console works for you personally - for me I have to say not getting this console is a mistake.
I don't think its as great as the Gamecube or even Wii as it stands but that would instantly change with a few AAA titles. Wii didn't have much but it had a few really awesome games.
I will wait until the Wii U successor is out and hopefully fully backward compatible. Right now I have 2 consoles that play 7 nintendo systems (+more orig consoles in storage):

Retron 5 - plays GB, GBC, GBA, NES and SNES
Wii RVL-001 - plays Gamecube and Wii games

Handhelds I'm fully covered with 3DS XL for 3DS and DS games, and GB Advance SP 101 model for GB, GBC, and GBA.
It's been going pretty slow in terms of sales and the amount of games out for it. Both the Wii U and the 3DS. It didn't have the instant USP of the Wii but I think that it will be at least as fun within a year or two if you look at upcoming games.
I have to eat my words. Best Buy had a Black Friday in July sale last Fri and Sat. The Wii U premium bundle with Super Mario Bros Wii u and Super Luigi U was reduced from$299.99 to $259.99. Then picked up mk8 and got pikmin 3 as a free download code game. Also grabbed Super Mario 3D world, and DK Country Tropical Freeze. Oh and a couple pro controllers. Very happy with it so far and fits in with the rest of the nintendo family we have:
3dsgba.jpg WiiGCRetron5.jpg nes_snes.jpg gameboysnes.jpg WiiU.jpg
The Wii U is a good console but unfortunately not one of the better consoles that Nintendo has released. It was marketed poorly and some poor decisions were made. The main sticking point is the lack of 3rd party support which is hurting the console's potential. Personally, I don't allow poor sales to dictate if a console is good or bad. The SNK Neo Geo & Sega Saturn didn't exactly set sales charts on fire but they are both very desirable machines to own.
I kind of disliked the Wii U at launch, to an extent, due to the amount of shovelware/bad ports and lack of good games. But we are to a pretty ripe point in the Wii U's life cycle, with games like Mario Maker and Yoshi Wooly World. I now like it better than XBox One and my PC.
-The GamePad; very user friendly right, ass easy to understand as it can get. My newborn can understand this intuitive controller. It's also comfortable for long playing sessions.
-The Games; there are some solid games that have been released (Super Smash, Mario Party, and Mario Kart, to name a few)
-It's Cheap; seriously just compare that price tag to the Xbone or PS4.

-My only issue is the lack of games; despite there being some great titles on this console the number of releases compared to other consoles has been quite a disappointment.

Other than these I enjoy the console and have spent countless hours having fun with it.
It's probably Nintendo's worst console to date. Not that it means it's terrible, but if you didn't like some of their previous ones, this one is probably off the table.

It lacks notable franchises (Metroid, F-Zero)
Some of it's notable releases have been of questionable quality, even among their fans (Star Fox Zero, Mario Tennis)
Smash came awfully late and wasn't even exclusive to it because of the 3DS version (which came out sooner)
3rd Party support is arguably even more lacking than previous consoles
It's launch went terrible because they were slow to get the good games out, which screwed it even more
Sometimes, it felt like even Nintendo didn't know what to do with the gamepad
Low data storage for this day and age
High cost that hasn't come down much (yes they bundle 2 games with it, which makes it a better value, but that initial price matters a lot to consumer perception, especially if they don't like the bundled games)
Honestly kind of underpowered when it released
Won't have a new Zelda game exclusive to it

I know it sounds like I'm hating on it, but if you like platformers and mario stuff in general, it has your back til you die. It does have it's own gems beyond the standard mario fare (Splatoon, Xenoblade X, Bayonetta 2, plus some eshop titles that pick up some of the slack), but they are fewer and farther between.

Not saying it's terrible, but I've been feeling a bit demoralized regarding the system lately. It doesn't have a lot of games that I truly love, especially compared to previous systems. Even the gamecube is laughing at it in terms of hardware sales. Depending on how the NX looks, Star fox Zero might end up being the last game I buy for the system, which feels sad as I wasn't exactly thrilled with it. Might get Pokken tournament later, but I'm not sure as I have a bunch of other games I plan to play this year.

Gah. I really hope the NX is better.
What I dint think helped Nintendo with the Wii U,,us the fact that people have lost/are losing trust in the brand because they are comparing the devices Nintendo bring out, to the Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4, and sadly Nintendo can't compete with them at the moment.

Hopefully that will change though when the new console comes out next year, and then we might be able to get back to a 3 way battle at the top of the console charts.
^ I did read a recent article though saying the NX won't be sold at a loss. What this may mean is that it might possibly not be as powerful as say, a PS4.5. I'd even be surprised if it's as powerful as the PS4.
I'm not 100% sure what that means either to be honest? Whatever it means, I think we just have to wait and see what happens when the new console comes out, instead of speculating.

Sometimes the media and fan hype can kill something even before it's actually gone on to the market, and we don't want that to happen this time round.
Awesome system.Best system this gen for me. Most AAA stuff is polished turds anyway. Got some of the best stuff this gen in Bayo2,XCX,W101,Splatoon and more. System has 477 retail games and 732 overall. Has a deceptively good and large library. N64 sold twice what Wii U did and only had 200 games. Dreamcast had 250 games in the US alone (700 overall officially) and life was cut short and has an amazing library. Wii U is similar. Love the thing.

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