How good is the Wii U?

^ I did read a recent article though saying the NX won't be sold at a loss. What this may mean is that it might possibly not be as powerful as say, a PS4.5. I'd even be surprised if it's as powerful as the PS4.
PS4 makes profit and the most powerful console this gen. The gap is getting smaller and PS4 and XBO pretty much use off the shelf PC parts. Wii U was much more custom. Very possible NX has all the power it will need but use common enough components to be affordable on both consumer and manufacturing ends.
Like some people above said... People tend to me very judgemental about Nintendo because supposedly "it's for kids." I don't understand this at all to be honest, as I've always found them to be really fun for casual gamers. Of course Wii U isn't for high end gaming, if you want that, you need something like an Xbox, but it's good if you don't really care about graphics as much as you like interaction with the game.
Unfortunately I think you're right and Nintendo haven't been able to shift the 'for kids' tag and I'm not sure they ever will. Gamers like us on the forum might not think that way as we'll be well aware of the history of Nintendo and what it's brought us in the past, but talk to somebody ho isn't into gaming, and they'll consider a Playstation 4 or Xbox ONE more of a grown ups choice, and they'd only consider buying a Wii for example for the children and not for their own use.
Well I do love it and have gotten some great use out of it, but I will be honest it does have a lot of flaws and I cannot say that it is the best out there. I think that the screen is way too small, and I have never really understood that. I think that it works for some of the games but on the whole not so much. That is just my opinion though, and it was pretty groundbreaking so you have to give it that. I give it a solid B. Thanks for sharing.
If we are going to rate it on a scale of 1-10, a 7 is a fair rating for the Wii-U I think, and as we have all said, while it has sold well and is very popular even now, it does have it's flaws that even the most ardent Nintendo fanatic can't overlook. Some games do work well, maybe even better on the Wii-U than hat they do on any other console, but at the same time, it doesn't fit well with the majority of games, not the genre of games that I play anyway and it does have certain limitations.
Personally I consider it The Console for it's full backwards compatibility. It can play all Wii games and has NES, SNES, N64, GBA, and DS games in it's VC Library, and the vWii can be easily jailbroken and you can install a loader and emulators to play all the other games. Pretty much the only games it can't play are for the 3DS. And with the progress they're making with Citra it's only a matter of time until someone tries porting it.
Backwards compatibility is something that I think we all like to see and hear about, but d you think we sometimes place too much emphasis on it? It seems that when a console first comes out, the first question that gets asked is if e can play the other titles on it but is it really that important?

You're right of course and when it comes to backwards compatibility and I don't think we've ever seen, or even maybe will see again the likes of the Wii-U for that, but is that what as made it as popular as it is? If it didn't have that amount of compatibility would it still have sold as many units as it as?
@pwarbi It really is important because there are many people who do not like the games that get released for the new console and therefore, they see older games as an alternative to the new ones, I really would mind about it if that was the case, that's my opinion though.

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