How many more years does the Nintendo 3ds have left?


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Feb 7, 2016
I'm taking a guess and saying at least two more years of new games.
i hope so , I've put more time on my 3ds than any other console/handheld ever going back to the NES. Just between Bravely Default and Fantasy Life i put in over 300 hours. Factor in MK, Mario Golf World Tour, Luigi's Mansion, wow did i have fun. Still playing Majora's Mask, about to start Yokai Watch and I have my sights on Stella Glow. Every game was just stellar! Great quality from Nintendo
I have also spent more time on the Nintendo 3ds then any other handheld system or console since the original Nintendo. The statements from the staff at Nintendo it sounds like another two years at least.
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Two years sounds about right. I'm still way behind in 3DS titles that I've been meaning to play so I'm glad to hear the new system isn't going anywhere for a while. I do wonder how the 3DS will interact with the next Nintendo console after the WiiU and hopefully that at some point we get the option to connect and play handheld titles on the big screen through the console.
I wish it still lasts for a long while, I've wanted one for years but every time I'm close to buying it, a big expense comes up. I'm determined to buy one this year, no matter what, and I want for it live at least a couple of years after I make the investment.
At least when you do get a Nintendo 3ds there will be plenty of good titles to play. I got mine late also. I hope you get one also.
Connecting to the big screen would be cool indeed. I have my PSP cable ready so I can hook it up to the big screen.
One year, maybe two. The 3DS had a good run - better than the Wii U, alas - but I sense its demise will come with the rise of whatever the Nintendo NX winds up being. If it covers both handheld and console then there's not much point for Nintendo to keep pumping out 3DS games. There's enough of a library, at least, that I'll be content to keep playing 3DS games regardless.
Considering pokemon Moon and Sun just got announced.... I'd say we have at least two more years left. That coupled with the virtual releases of pokemon yellow and other classics, it would be kinda strange to see it shut down so quickly.
Yeah I'm also guessing at least 2 years since Moon and Sun is coming to the system. Nintendo will wait and see if the games will spike the 3ds sales. Maybe Moon and Sun will do what the original Pokemon games did for the Gameboy.
I also bet two years. I believe these commemorations of Pokemon and also Pokemon Sun and Moon will boost the sales and consequently let the NDS live a couple more years.
I'll continue playing the 3DS until its successor comes out. I've been a Pokemon fan for as long as I can remember, and the fire is not going out anytime soon. In fact, it's going to be stronger than ever, man I'm so hyped for Sun and Moon!

I don't really know if the 3DS will have a successor though. What could it be? A 4DS? Sounds absurd! :p
Unsure but I know that the emulator community will be a bit bummed out. To date there isn't a comprehensive 3DS emulator, the system hasn't been copied perfectly. Which really sucks because when the 3DS DOES go away I know there are lots of people that will want to relive it.
Not to mention you can't really emulate the 3DS' "3D feature" on a monitor or laptop screen. It just fits perfectly and only for the 3DS itself.
Yeah, it's unbelievable how hackers today cannot truly break the 3DS. Seems Nintendo's encryption for their latest consoles are military grade. :eek:
I am so bummed. Last year, someone stole my 3DS from my dorm room. I left the door open and the console was on my bed and all of a sudden it was gone! :cry:

I hope that there are two more years left, because I am contemplating whether or not to buy another one. But if there is truly only one year left, then it's not worth it. I might as well save up some money and buy the newer handheld console that they come out with. (Or maybe the NX!) But I am glad that @billz30 asked this question!
@Bloom sorry to hear that. That is so terrible :( That really sucks.

I really would hate that to happen to me because I have about $400 in games that I bought from the eShop. Most of my collection is in digital form.

I would wait until E3 and see what happens. I have a feeling that the Nintendo 3DS has at least two more good years left. it also has a fantastic library of games. The new Nintendo 3DS is worth buying if you do get one. I definitely love mine. Well I hope good things come your way.
@Jack Lovejoy Everything is already messed up, in my humble opinion, with Sony leaving the Vita behind and not creating a successor, rumors of a PS4K, and rumors of a XBox One Slim or XBox 1.5. We are living in one of the worst times for (buying) game systems, but I still think the NX will shine pretty bright.
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