How many more years does the Nintendo 3ds have left?

I am so bummed. Last year, someone stole my 3DS from my dorm room. I left the door open and the console was on my bed and all of a sudden it was gone! :cry:

I hope that there are two more years left, because I am contemplating whether or not to buy another one. But if there is truly only one year left, then it's not worth it. I might as well save up some money and buy the newer handheld console that they come out with. (Or maybe the NX!) But I am glad that @billz30 asked this question!
I still think your safe with the new 3DS for the next two to three years. Its super stable 3D feature is unique and therefore has a very high chance to last for a long time. I don't think the NX will have a 3D feature, let alone the super stable 3D.
@billz30 What would happen if you lost your 3DS and you got a new one? Would you be able to retrieve all of that information that you had from before into your new 3DS? I feel like there should be Nintendo Insurance of some kind now that games can be bought through eShop.
i don't have the proof, but I've heard that Nintendo will back you up on digital purchases
Not only has the Nintendo 3DS not got long left, I'm not sure if the handheld console market itself as got long left to be honest in my opinion anyway.

At the moment while it's still maybe popular with a certain age group, with the emergence of tablets and smartphone games, will the next generation want to carry around a device that's specific and can only do one thing?
It depends on how successful Pokemon Go will be. I can see Nintendo stop making Pokemon games for the 3DS if Pokemon Go becomes very successful. Else, in my opinion, as long as Pokemon (aside from Go) remains exclusive to Nintendo handhelds, they will continue to be successful. Pokemon has proven itself throughout the years to be able to save handheld consoles. It's so good people have bought Nintendo handhelds just to play Pokemon.
While that might very well be the case, I'm not sure that any company let alone Nintendo could be expected to keep on producing and developing an handheld console just for one game alone, no matter how many it sells.
Even if the 3ds doesn't stay around much longer, im not getting the new handheld for at least a few years. I love the 3ds, even though i would like a more advanced processing system so that it could handle better games/fps. I have spent so much time on this guy. I have reached the point that takes time for me to acknowledge it, not as a game, but as a friend. The only other thing that i have been at this point with (other than my cat) is my gameboy advance sp. I usually play my gameboy player on the gamecube now, or my gbm, but i have had this and played it for so long. I've had my gameboy color longer than the sp, but i have spent more time on the sp than anything else. Even more time than all other consoles i have combined! I hope i can be at this point with my 3ds for as long as possible :)
Me too, the 3D feature is just too good. Until they release a worthy successor, I will continue playing the 3DS with any new Pokemon or Mario games they'll release.
Despite the 3DS overall amazing library, I still find it a bit underwhelming compared to both the DS and GBA......

For starters, it seriously lacks in the platform genre something that I'm a huge fan of. The only ones who did any justice to the platform genre for the 3DS is Kirby and Mario. Other than that, you have Sonic whose games didn't do much and Shinobi 3D.....which isn't that impressive even looking at it.

Then there's the problem with not having so much of genre variety. The 3DS is huge in the RPG genre which is great and all....but you know, there's other genres that we like as well. Granted, some can claim that the DS also had this issue but the DS wasn't anywhere noticeable than the 3DS.

Lastly, why oh why is it soo damn difficult to port GBA on 3DS? For crying out loud, its proven that SNES games can work on the N3DS so why not port GBA games then???????
Most underwhelming handheld from Nintendo for me. I hate the 3D feature so I never use it. I like RPGs a lot but most of the ones I've seen on the system are kinda shit. I also esp HAAAAAAAAAATE the chibi look so many of them use. There is a couple I like and looking forward to like SMT and DQ but that is it. The faster they replace the 3DS the better. I do believe NX is it. So next year.
I honestly love my New 3ds but to be honest it is starting to feel like it's outdated hardware.

The Nintendo NX will fix that I bet.

I have no idea why so little of GBA games came to the virtual console. I think that is one area Nintendo moves real slow on. There are so many games they could make money on if they would just put them on the virtual console. It sometimes seems a challenge to give Nintendo our money. Lol!
Nintendo certainly don't make it easy for people to justify buying their products and while I do think that they will always have a limited amount of success, at the same time I'm not sure they'll ever be able to compete with the like s of Sony and Microsoft no matter how much money they have in the bank.

The 3DS is still well loved, but at the same time it is getting old these days and it does need either an update or a huge overhaul for it to continue to be profitable, but again, having said that, do Nintendo actually need a device to be profitable?
Well it is certainly on its way out, the question is really how many hardcore fans out there are going to continue to be, and I just cannot see it being that many. Like some of the other users above, I was not very impressed with the 3DS. It might have had to do with me getting my expectation way up, which I often do, but I also think that on the whole it disappointed most people. I guess we will wait and see how long it lasts. Thanks for sharing.
As the saying goes, time marches on and even though we might still love a certain device, there is always going to come a time when e have to admit that it can't cope anymore with what we want and with the 3DS that is becoming the case. Just because we might move on to another device though, that doesn't mean that we have to ditch it completely and sometimes even though the newer technology is a lot better, sometimes it is nice to still carry on playing our older games and devices.

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