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Dec 31, 2013
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Welcome to my Animal Crossing New Leaf Review!
written by iceskater101 :D

Animal Crossing New Leaf is one of the must have games on the 3DS. It's a very cute game and it's an easy game to introduce others into gaming.

Animal Crossing New Leaf was the first game that I played on my Nintendo 3DS and it happens to be my favorite. You start the game on a train and someone is asking you where you're going. You name your town and you are the mayor of this town. (I named my town after Kirby, because I couldn't come up with a better name... but I also do love Kirby!). You enter the town and your secretary as I would like to call her, Isabelle, helps you settle in. There is a lot of customization in Animal Crossing such as building and expanding your home, buying new furniture, new clothing, donating fish and fossils to the museum and more!

Your first task in the game is to get your town to be financed and to be recognized as a town. To do this, you need to buy a house and to talk and interact with the citizens so that they learn to love you as mayor! This itself isn't hard, because just talking and sending letters to the town folk will raise this. After that, you are pretty much free to do whatever! You can focus on your house or you can focus on improving the town. This world is at your fingertips.


One thing I found hard was getting started. At first, collecting bells and a lot of them was difficult. As long as you buy the shovel, the fishing pole and the net, you can sell anything that you catch. Also if you start turning all of the fossils into the museum, any repeat fossils will be given back to you and you can sell those which will earn you a lot of bells.

Animal Crossing New Leaf also includes a multiplayer option. Traveling to other towns with other players and having other players visit your town. This is a game that makes it more fun to play with friends!

I definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants to get into playing video games or to anyone who is a proud owner of the 3DS. It is a fun, witty and cute game that's easy to get into and very addicting.
Thanks! I think for the next review, I should make the images all the same size because now it's starting to bug me. I might edit this review later lol
Good job on the review man (or miss). It sounds like the game has elements of Sim City. You mention collecting bells with the use of various items. Do you actually play through the collection process, or is it a point and click on the appropriate icon type of deal?
Yeah so bells is money in Animal Crossing. So you can pick up items and go and sell them to get bells. It's more of a point and click because once you collect the bells you go to this store called the Nookling Juction and you can sell items by pointing and clicking on your inventory and then you receive bells for selling those items and that's money for you to spend to buy clothes, buying furniture or other housing related things and upgrading the town.
For some reason, the idea intrigues me. You would think; from the description, it would be awful; yet, it sounds like a lot of fun. Is the game a DS exclusive?
I may just pick up a DS and try it :) The next time I work a few hours of overtime, I should be able to afford the set up. Thanks for the link.
i always like animal crossing. my lil girl has it, and is the mayor so my question is can we play on the same cartridge in the same town? it would be cool to help her out. very good review btw
Great review! I, too, am a HUGE fan of Animal Crossing, especially New Leaf.
dustinb12 said:
i always like animal crossing. my lil girl has it, and is the mayor so my question is can we play on the same cartridge in the same town? it would be cool to help her out. very good review btw
Well if you add each other on your 3DS (as friends) you can go and visit her town but I am not sure if you can help her edit her town if that makes sense. I am actually not quite sure about that because usually I am playing Animal Crossing by myself.

Lepaz said:
Great review! I, too, am a HUGE fan of Animal Crossing, especially New Leaf.
It's very good!

averus said:
Beautiful review, focusing on what you liked about the game.

This should become a tradition on this forum - reviews by members :)

Thanks! I like reviewing games! I might have to review Luigi's Dark Mansion when I am finished with it.! :D
heeeyyyyyy iceskater! i started playing yesterday and yes, i am a resident in my daughter's town. we obviously can't play at the same time, but 2,000 more bells and construction starts on my house! i love it, it's so much easier to operate than Wide World (DS.) it's like i never left, catching fish like a champ!
Catching fish is really important! Also if you are able to catch a shark.. you should share some tips because I am having some issues catching a shark.

I just raised around 102,000 bells so I could pay off my house loan. I am finally getting a second floor in my house! I am pretty pumped. After that I am going to work to raise some money for a public service project! You should definitely maintain those too because the citizens get happy when you finish one.
likewise, if you have any cool tips, I'm appreciative

after two weeks I'm really loving it, it's consuming me. the interfaces are so smooth, switching between tools is great.

um, they have sharks?
Yes they do! Have you unlocked the island yet? Well I shouldn't spoil anything.. :D

When you go to the island, then you can catch sharks.

I have caught two sharks once but I haven't been able to catch any since! They're super hard to catch!
yes i went to the island today actually. didn't have a chance to check it out like i wanted.

wow there is so much to do
Exactly! You can catch many different types of fish! The island tours are fun and you can buy clothing items and furniture with medals that you collect from the island tours. You definitely should check it out more!
lil bit at a time. my main goal was to get the QR codes going over at the Able Sisters'. next i'll take a little trip with Kapp'n and see more of the island.

New Leaf is 90% of why i come to this site. I'm loving it

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